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Posted by Dashiva on 11/11

I dunno, does 2 ticks seem a little long to anyone else? its kinda like the main skill of a sniper, mabye it should be moved to 1 tick for the flag to be removed?

From: Kae Friday, November 10 2000, 06:28AM Dunno -- seems fair enough to me. My surgeon/sniper used to take out level 50 mobs with a single shot about 1 out of 3 times. That's a lot of experience points for practically free for someone way way way way below that level. It makes some sort of sense to my blond little head that if I can snipe someone for literally free 100k experience at level 20-30ish, then there's also the risk of failing that snipe and having to deal with him trashing me -- for several ticks until I can get another shot in. -Kae

From: Bonk Friday, November 10 2000, 09:20AM I thought it was 4 ticks?

From: Carney Friday, November 10 2000, 09:25AM its 4 ticks and you can't learn snipe till 35 ;)

From: Kae Friday, November 10 2000, 05:17PM That doesn't mean I couldn't be lucky, though. And I was!

From: Khufu Friday, November 10 2000, 11:41PM umm lost my thought

From: Rahvin Saturday, November 11 2000, 01:04AM 4 ticks doesnt seem a little long to anyone else?

From: Kundry Saturday, November 11 2000, 06:13AM No, not really. And yeah the 35 thing...


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