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Posted by Milo on 11/30

I think the new penalty for praising is a little too harsh. I just lost 25 prestige praising up a single person. If I praise anyone else, I'll start losing skills. Perhaps the prestige loss could be for a critical fail--something to match the prestige we earn for it. Otherwise, it may end up that everyone willing to praise people have lost so much prestige, that we cannot cannot even praise anymore. Worse yet, I may have to start charging. |U6

From: Carney Sunday, November 19 2000, 07:01PM good point. your going to lose a lot more then your going to gain, its a continuous evil cycle :) |U6

From: Dashiva Sunday, November 19 2000, 07:17PM heh I wrote a long idea on this to, its just like giving your pres, to someone else, when it starts to affect other skills, people are gonna be wary of using it =( |U6

From: Archmage Sunday, November 19 2000, 07:52PM Just what was the purpose of this code change? |U6

From: Carney Sunday, November 19 2000, 08:06PM probably to make prestige a bit more "important" or "sacred" since it was made less important by the rent changes, though I'm not sure. |U6

From: Christopher Monday, November 20 2000, 12:17AM What good is prestige for anyway? So far I know it's for uh.. praising.. and since the renting thing is gone.. that's out.. -help prestige- |U6

From: Cumference Monday, November 20 2000, 12:38AM can't forget other bardic skills that prestige is important to a barbaric skill too!! se |U6

From: Nicotine Monday, November 20 2000, 09:27AM Let's see how long it takes them to realise they screwed up once again. -shake- |U6

From: Rosette Monday, November 20 2000, 01:25PM I tested praising, to see just how much you do lose. Out of 43 praises, I succeeded 31 times and failed 12 times. Of these, I gained 5 prestige getting infos. You don't lose prestige with every fail, but when you do it is 3 prestige, totalling a prestige loss of 6 in this trial. So I came out slightly behind. I'm not sure which stats help you praise well, but I do tend successfully praise more often than most. Maybe the penalty could be adjusted such than an average praiser would average a net 0 gain/loss, and good praisers would gain and poor praisers would lose. |U6

From: Pleb Monday, November 20 2000, 01:58PM Or throw out the whole silly idea, I bet it didn't even occur to you that we lose half our prestige dying, way to discourage pk even further! |U6

From: Rahvin Monday, November 20 2000, 06:55PM nod pleb 2 |U6

From: Cumference Tuesday, November 21 2000, 10:27PM maybe make PK prestige lose 25% instead of 50%! cuz i kinda feel more ashamed dying to a MOB than a PKER :P and i'm not saying i support this idea, or dislike it or anything =P But i think it makez 3c good align create mages more important and certain prazing mobz! |U6

From: Ea! Saturday, November 25 2000, 11:18PM The point behind the code change was to try to make it a little harder to raise other people's prestige. It's been on the list for longer than the rent change has been in -- it's not a matter of trying to make prestige more valuable, just tricker to get. Repeated praising just spams people and doesn't take much skill. However, yes, it seems like it's probably costing too much to praise other people -- I think we'll be scaleing back the loss. -Ea! |U6

From: Nicotine Sunday, November 26 2000, 08:08AM 25% is still too much. |U6

From: Vampyr Sunday, November 26 2000, 09:02PM perhaps you should lose prestige based on what level the mob or player is compared to you just like when you flee, if you are both the same level you lose 10% and maybe lose 1% more for every level that the mob or player is lower than you.... and 1% less for every 2 levels the mob or player is higher than you so 20 lvls higher youw ouldn't lose any xp.... :P er prestige just a stupid idea |U6

From: Infernal Tuesday, November 28 2000, 03:26AM I just feel dying is bad enough now people wont wanna praise ohh great, lovely change that seems to just piss people off |U6

From: Archmage Tuesday, November 28 2000, 08:25PM how the praiser getting a percentage of prestige for every good praise. Kinda like they feel good because they did a good job kinda thing Archmage |U6

From: Sundiata Thursday, November 30 2000, 02:46PM Is the success or failure of a praise based on mind, level, or just dumb luck? Perhaps rescaling the success/failure probabilities in favor of high mind is the answer. Professional bards could continue to praise successfully without risking their skills and the 30-mind dabblers would learn to keep their mouths shut. |U6


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