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i kno diz kinda sounds selfish...|U6

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Posted by Cumference on 12/08

would it at -all- be possible as an x-mas prezent for us ppl that liked the old system of pk...to make another port before pkok changes and we could transfer our chars across?? :) and how hard would it be to maintain it? (not a rhetorical question) would it suck up a lot of bandwith? oh wait crap that contradicts the thing where pkers must play with the rest as a whole...bah |U6

From: Fuego Monday, December 04 2000, 11:10PM i think we deserve it cause we havent had a PK tourny in a long time :) give us a place where we can just beat eachother up because its fun! |U6

From: Christopher Wednesday, December 06 2000, 01:22AM I thought that Dusk was holding a PK tourney right now.. :P |U6

From: Cumference Wednesday, December 06 2000, 11:08AM Chris, but i'm not talking about emulating a pk tourney :) i'm talking about trying to emulate pk before pkok came in. |U6

From: Mallory Wednesday, December 06 2000, 06:47PM How hard could it be to have old pk in this new system if a group of people just agreed to run it oldstyle? -Mallory |U6

From: Cumference Wednesday, December 06 2000, 09:30PM ppl r even 2 lazy 2 even do dat! so maybe a lil prod in the arse (the new port) would help |U6

From: Sandra Thursday, December 07 2000, 12:05AM Want a prod in the arse? If you want pk like it was, accept all. =P We're not going to put up a seperate mud for pk. Sorry. -Sandra |U6

From: Cumference Friday, December 08 2000, 11:13AM well prod other ppls arses!! =P |U6

From: Cumference Friday, December 08 2000, 11:14AM and btw more than half my chars are AA =p this is just my rambler XP grunt =P |U6


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