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Posted by Kosminski on 12/08

Poetry brought up very good points ... and I am glad they are being worked on. Now, is anything being done to help 'bash' users when it gets tumbled and you have to hang there for 3 rounds while the person flees and backstabs? Is anything being done to 'elbow' so that the damage isn't so insanely pathetic, i.e. make it just like kick? Is anything being done to make 'flee' not so dependant on dex, but make it an average of dex + con + str / 3 ? Is anything being done to compensate the fact that dex has lots of great weapons the blind, major poison, have great stats and con and str and basicaly SOL? Hmmm, maybe others can follow up on this more too ... -me |U6

From: Kosminski Wednesday, December 06 2000, 07:14PM typo fix: con and str ARE basically SOL ... |U6

From: Sandra Wednesday, December 06 2000, 07:19PM Let's see... Don't know Don't know Don't know You should get out and look around more. Did I miss any? =) -Sandra |U6

From: Ea! Wednesday, December 06 2000, 08:04PM Bash, like most of the fight skills, is supposed to be a bit risky. Having it tumbled is part of the cost of using it. There aren't any current plans to revise elbow -- I'd like to hear other opinions on this one. Flee will remain dex based. Note that dex is not the only factor taken into consideration -- some careful planning before combat may well help your chances to flee dramatically. Sorry I can't say anymore. What Sandra said. We are planning on looking into the amount that dex is used inside the fight system. We agree that it's too high -- however, we believe that the problem is primarily in the system itself, not within the skills. -Ea! |U6

From: Craven Wednesday, December 06 2000, 08:21PM no offense, but maybe you believe wrong :) Dex is so horribly overpowered I rejected all with this character because of how terrible I feel after beating someone. Sammael dt'd a month ago and I don't feel even the slightest urge to reequip him, even though just 6 months ago he was probably one of my favorite characters. I don't know what the bugs are or whats broken, all I know is that dex is king, strength blows, and con isn't far behind. You can always tell when balance is way off. A certain character type start to become more and more prominant, and I haven't seen as many snipers and dex/mages as I see these days in a LONG time. In summary, I appreciate all the work you guys do. Its just very fustrating when something as vital to the game as the fight system is drastically flawwed. I'm sure your working as hard as you can, but from down here sometimes it seems like noones listening. I can't speak for the other posters, but thats how I feel. Thats why I try to attend the q&a's when I can and drive you insane :) So once again, kudos, keep up the good work, and please god fix the fight system before you fix the rest :P - Craven P.S. To you avid rp'ers who say this is all about pk, next time socials start randoming not working or doing the wrong one, perhaps telling your enemy your rp plans on his downfall when you told you friend, maybe then you'll realize the fight system is important :) |U6

From: Tirzah Thursday, December 07 2000, 03:55AM All except two of my multiple mage chars have been dex mages. All except three of my chars over the past three years have been dex. From where I sit, dex hasn't changed. I don't know why you are all saying dex is so overpowered - but then I don't pkill, except for the very (very) occasional duel with a friend, so maybe I'm not seeing something you are. Dex is the same as it's always been. Perhaps some of the changes designed to scale down past over powered char types have gone too far. Maybe that's the way to fix the 'dex is overpowered' - add stuff back to other char types, please don't take away from dex. Tirzah |U6

From: Dusk Thursday, December 07 2000, 09:44AM I personally don't think dex is overpowered, I think str is underpowered. I have been basically decimating at best for as long as I can remember, and I still am basically decimating on stunned mobs. -shrug- no real changes.... Now when i am bashed, and str fighter still only manages to obliterate at best?!?! there is a huge problem. If I am bashed, I would expect a str fighter to at LEAST decimate. Decimate is the best I can wish for, I am dex, I have had little trouble with any str fighters i have fought over the last couple weeks, what i do recall, about a year ago, Is getting my ass torn everytime i came across one. :P Back to my point, dex isn't overpowered, str needs to me made more effective. |U6

From: Craven Thursday, December 07 2000, 01:17PM agreed. Lately we've been removing instead of adding, lets add to strength or con instead of removing from dex. But first of all of course you need to find the problem... |U6

From: Ea! Thursday, December 07 2000, 06:36PM I think that the system is slightly more complicated than what you're giving it credit for -- I agree str/con are underpowered, or, at least they're underpowered on offense -- which is to say that dex is overpowered on defense. By weakening dex's defensive capabilities a bit, I -think- that we'll be pretty good -- except for the issue of +hp gear, which we're also looking at. -Ea! |U6

From: Matrim Thursday, December 07 2000, 10:02PM I'm not so sure...maybe. We can hope. |U6

From: Zemus Friday, December 08 2000, 04:14AM This is what I think happend, when you guys removed the Damroll/hitroll ge gear, you dropped the damage done by both str and con by alot. Damroll gear was a must when having con since without damroll con hits just like dex. Hitroll was the killer imo to str. Damroll hurt str too but I think hitroll was the one that made the 90mind str mage ass kickers. Now we have con hitting just as hard as dex without tumble, dodge, etc etc. and now str people doing lots of damage..when they hit , if they hit something. And with the hps gear helping dex out the most of all the charas we got a very one sided system. Also having backstab, kick and ALL the best weapons in the game and all the AC and all the good evasion skills why the hell would you make anything else? I do have some ideas for new staffs though :P HEY im con I gotta try help myself somehow :) I was thing 5stat heavy staff, mana drain! yes mana drain perhaps not draining 40mana per time it goes off but like 10-20 or something of that sort, also make it go off like the katar? Dunno perhaps this might be useless staff but a idea is an idea :P but its late and im rambling and stuff post comments I like to know if people want me to shut the hell up or good idea keep talking Zemus the never around |U6

From: Zemus Friday, December 08 2000, 04:25AM one more thing Im a fan of making things better to get balance not downgrading or removing things to get balance |U6


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