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Backstab BUG!!!|U6

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Posted by Kosminski on 12/15

Ok, been doing some pk'n lately and I have noticed a very annoying bug when being backstab. Here is a real excert of a fight: You feel a sudden pain as somebody places a magic bone in your back. (HP:323/400 MA:264/390 MV:343/343)> akaya quickly attacks 9 times and hits 8 times. You parry an attack from Takaya! Takaya demolishes you with his sting! Blood oozes from your new wound. You block Takaya's sting. (HP:303/400 MA:265/390 MV:343/343)> I was at 400/400 when the fight started. As you notice in the first fight round after the BS, I didn't even hit back. What the heck gives? I also noted this happening 2 times in one fight with Aquilante using an alt. Please fix this. It is bad enought to have one single skill drop me almost 20% of my hitpoints, but then to give up a free fight round dropping me to 75% hitpoints. -me |U6

From: Scream Wednesday, December 13 2000, 03:57AM another thing, if HP equ is gonna be pulled, you must drom the dam on backstab. I dont like the removal of dam/hit/hps gear at all. we are still gonna have the same prob, now we ALL are gonna start over again. I think you could have used a better formula for hit/dam equ Insted of making all the equ that had dam crap now you could have tried just cutting the dam in half and test, then drop more if needed or add more if needed. So hernes horns would be 5str 3dam insted of 5str 6dam Keep the HP gear in and up the dam gear back but not as high as before |U6

From: Dune Wednesday, December 13 2000, 08:03AM its not a bug.. it has always been like that. Immolate works that way too. |U6

From: Harkonnen Wednesday, December 13 2000, 04:15PM 'it has always worked that way' does not mean its not a bug. i am sure you remember when bags preserved timed items? well it was always that way until it was fixed ... besides its crap, you should always hit back or else every fight type should have a skill that lets them hit for free (con/str) or maybe you think we should all just make snipers and say the hell with the other types? |U6

From: Huginn Wednesday, December 13 2000, 10:09PM Scream, If we did what you suggested, and made herne's horns 5 str and 3 dam, you'd still have the same problem we had before. Most people would still use them, regardless of what kind of fighter they were. Why? Because there's no reason _not_ to do so. Same with +hp stuff. Why not use it, if its a 5 stat item? So then you give the abilities of one fight type to others that haven't allocated points for those abilities. Balancing becomes even more of a problem, since you can't assume that _all_ dex fighters are going to have that extra hitroll, for example. Huginn |U6

From: Scream Thursday, December 14 2000, 03:10AM No the point is when you removed the equ you screwed over all the charas except dex. Now you remove HP gear that will bring us back to what we started at. So insted of going back to what we had just tweak the equ not destroy it like you imms did. So leaving the Hp gear but downgrading the hit and dam a BIT not a lot will work if you test it You will find the spot where dex str and con = out in terms of dam hit and hps. If something dosent work you just dont scrap the whole thing you test and tweak till it works out. And having the abilities of one chara type when your another is a good mix of thigns and a well designed chara. How boring will it be if your dex you can only do this and only have this, if your con you can only have this, VERY boring. If you need someone to test stuff Ill gladly test it with the crap loads of level 50alts I got. Imm willing to work on it, if you want to, but scrapping the whole thing is not the way to go. If you scrap all hp gear now we are gonna get less pkill action then we have now. Nobody wants to risk losing old equ thus they dont wanna fight, and nobody wants to make a new chara with crap equ and fight a old chara with old equ. The equ whipe is not the way to go either, cause that will really piss people off. Especially ones who made good money for there old equ. Wow long this append got |U6

From: Sandra Thursday, December 14 2000, 09:16AM Look, let's explain something here. Removing 3 items -temporarily- is NOT the removal of all hp gear. Talk about exaggerating, sheesh. Will we be changing hp/ma/mv gear? You bet. Get ready for it, coz it's gonna happen. Will we allow 'old' hp/ma/mv gear? Nope. So, you can stock up all you want, but it will get changed too. This is a 2 part change. While the building dept changes the spec on these types of items, the coding dept will be working on that end of hp. It IS a problem when someone with 30 con can have 600hp. Having the ability of one char type on another puts us right back into Dex mud. Which is what we're trying NOT to do. -Sandra |U6

From: Dune Thursday, December 14 2000, 09:37AM its nice to see imms quoting my post about "having the abilities of one character type, while being another". It shows that you guys listen! GOOD! And btw, I lost my horseshoe the otherday cause I forgot to rent, so anytime you want to fix this problem, I would appreciate it, haha. Fighting people like Dusk, or whatever.. that have all this old damage hit eq while having none is managable for me... but fighting someone that has old damage, old hit, AND old HP eq while having none is another story. hehe.. See Dune run! Run Dune run! its nice to see that old dam/hit/hp eq is going to not be allowed the way that it is now. That weakens EVERY person I fight, and keeps me the same! MUHAHAHAHAHAH. Dune, Everything is going according to plan.. the world will be mine. |U6

From: Kosminski Thursday, December 14 2000, 02:01PM Did anyone read my post? Hullo? How did this turn into a +HP gear thread? Sandra? You there dear? -me |U6

From: Sandra Thursday, December 14 2000, 02:07PM Yea, I read it. I'm a builder though, not a coder. So I can't answer your question/complaint because I don't know that code. -Sandra |U6

From: Cancer Thursday, December 14 2000, 03:59PM On hit mana/mv/hp destorying rampage the immortals seem to be on I feel that it will turn out for that best in the long run how ever .. pk is a big area of legendmud that pull people to play personaly i log on to cht to my friends and enter some pk fights and goto Shadowland and PD .. thses changes will mean new ideas for player in pk ... snipers surive being bash with having hitpoints a lack of these hp will mean altho you may pull a 120 point backstab you may take 80 in the next to round of sitting on your but ... 600 hp fighter Vs 400 hp snipers are going to be ='d out alot more but i almost think that messing with the items in peoples player files is wrong .. player archive .. perma.. DT a lot ... give them the give them the since of being specail for whle .. how many OLD SSS 's do you see for sale now days.. or even only hernes are Very rare many people i know haven't be albe to reply what they hae lost . with out the HP itewm the rest of the old eq in the game will unbalance the mud more .. The player are scared of change .. but with out change there would be very lillte need for immortals... Cancer it kills millions a year |U6

From: LadyAce Thursday, December 14 2000, 06:00PM For Kosminski's question -- I think that perhaps you didn't get a message from the game about being imobilized, but I'm not sure. A coder thing, report to the bug channel for best results. As for the "anti hp/ma/mv rampage" ... that's kinda funny :0 A couple bits of gear go missing for a few weeks, and a long-discussed and long-awaited code change draws near...that's not a rampage. It's more like how things are supposed to go :P lots of warning in advance, discussions on the boards, etc. LadyAce |U6

From: McDonald Thursday, December 14 2000, 07:02PM you dufus, if you read closely she said. They would change hp/mv/ma gear, not dam/hitroll gear. Lets hope that stuff isn't changed in player files. |U6

From: Mugwump Friday, December 15 2000, 08:36AM Re LadyAce's comments about 'advance warning': Lots of things get discussed on this board, but its actually rare for an imm to comment here as to which are being considered. I could be wrong, but this is the first post I've seen where its been confirmed that changes to hp eq were coming. So what constitutes lots of advanced warning exactly? (of course, if this change is actually weeks away, then this is the advance warning :) ) That said, I'm glad to see some imm input into this particular post. I was a bit concerned about going back to having 350hp but if its part of an overall attempt at balance, perhaps it won't be so bad. |U6 |U6


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