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Some thoughts on hit/dmg and the trident|U6

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Posted by Capt_Miller on 01/06

After reading the many messages and discussions on hit/dmg rating, couldn't it be changed so that at 20str , dmg = 0 and every additional 3 str up to 50 confers +1dmg, and every 2pt beyond 50 up to 100 gives another ? for a total of 35 hit rating could be changed to +1 for every 2 from 20 to 40 and +1 for every 4 from 40 to 80 and +1 for every 5 after that. Every 5pt of perc above 20 could give another hitroll to make max possible natural hitroll 40, 100Dex/Perc and 24 for purely 100Dex. Something about the trident, it's also a weapon I like and is it just my imagination or does the wield req doesnt conform to it's low weight? -Capt |U6

From: Capt_Miller Wednesday, December 27 2000, 03:51PM Btw is there any commands to alter a message I wrote without creating another new append ? |U6

From: Christopher Thursday, December 28 2000, 01:10AM Nevermind. I was going to say you can't use a Trident one handed, cuz like.. it's silly. but I suppose you can use a spear one handed and a trident is little more than a spear |U6

From: Israfel Thursday, December 28 2000, 06:47AM I think it's something about the size of the weapon which is a ?different? setting from weight. Pity. To Hell with realism on the trident I say. It's such a cool item, but really isn't worth using if it's 2handed. And since I doubt that cutting me up while I'm fighting actually helps heal me, it'd be nice if we could sacrifice "realism" so that a really nice item would get used more. I had a character using it until the 2handed thing went in at which point I saw no choice other than to ditch it, which made me sad. Also, since barkskin no longer gives suscept to fire, I don't really see how making the trident 1handed would be unbalancing. |U6

From: Zeppelin Thursday, December 28 2000, 10:45AM trident sucks, so nobody uses it. period. so if the imm in charge of that area wants his 'markee' item used, well, get on it and make it worthwhile already... it should be: 1 Handed +5 net stats or 2 Handed +10 net stats 9 kg 10 max damage |U6

From: Vampyr Thursday, December 28 2000, 11:19PM that would be an idea, to make 2 handed weapons able to have a +10 net stats with an upped rent |U6

From: Love Friday, December 29 2000, 09:25AM Thought the whole idea of making a weapon 2handed is so it wouldn't be too powerful. Though granted I can only see that really working for Executioners (well no longer that name) axe. I don't see how making the huge spiked, the trident and the raven rattle 1handed would make them overpowered. Actually the only one I can see that has a reasonable balance reason to be 2handed is the axe! Wuv! |U6

From: Capt_Miller Saturday, January 06 2001, 05:01AM Nice idea that starving/dehydrated What it means is that approximately when you go from normal status to dehydrated, you get like -3hit, (unable to concentrate?) and maybe -3dmg when hungry (weak) Should make well-fed and full of water a slight penalty too, whoever fights on a full stomach? |U6


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