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Posted by Sasha on 01/12

Pardon me if I'm repeating what someone else suggested, I haven't played in a while and I'm a bit out of the loop. What if the magic armor and shield were worn in auxiliary slots (like the orb) and didn't have to replace core equipment. It would logically make sense that the armor of light for example, is worn over the equipment you wear about your body. This would make those spells more in line with the cause equivalents. Just a thought that I wanted to open up for discussion. Sasha |U6

From: Bruson Wednesday, January 03 2001, 12:33PM Because then everybody, oldbies included, would wear them to augment their AC, all the time. That means two spells that raise AC to cause's one, both of which last a heck of a lot longer than the cause spell. I think armor and shield are more or less just supposed to be newbie items. |U6

From: Craven Wednesday, January 03 2001, 02:10PM god help us if create actually got a BOOST....what were we thinking? |U6

From: Poetry Wednesday, January 03 2001, 03:17PM An armor of light thats -25 ac or whatever on top of whatever else the character has is too powerful. Cause people like me would be getting armor of lights from Marauder AND chanting the armor spell.. jeez. too much. And the armor of light lasts a LONG time, and doesnt get dispeled when you quaff dispel vials and is easy enough to drop before you rent off spell effects. If its worn in aux slots, then make it -10ac... I Think -5ac is more fair. Dont forget the 1k rent item that casts the armor spell... |U6

From: LadyAce Wednesday, January 03 2001, 10:34PM While I don't object to giving boosts to people who need it...adding AC to AUX slots starts us down a road of increasing the baseline of characters -- in the end, it becomes another of the 'everyone uses it' sort of things and no net boost to anyone in the end. -LA |U6

From: Conspiracy Thursday, January 04 2001, 06:57AM make them no_give like staff of light. there's enough nice mundane items out there for newbies with awesome ac, maybe make a few in each hometown a bit more accessible, too. I'm all about create getting something cool. |U6

From: Conspiracy Thursday, January 04 2001, 06:59AM to further this, I'm 2c create, 56 mind. I have one useful spell, preserve. my sink isn't that great with the change, and a 56 mind stun ust isn't anything to brag about. -shrug- flavor is ten times more useful to me, because I can get two cause spells, str and bless. |U6

From: Sandra Friday, January 12 2001, 06:16AM A very long time ago, players could only get 241 stat points. This changed, I want to say, 5 years ago. There may have been something other than that prior to my being here, but that's the only one I recall. |U6


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