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Posted by Poetry on 01/07

I was reading some old stuff I was going to send Rufus about balancing snipers.... here it is more or less. Lets make para backstabs last one round- 2 rounds only and para MORE often... This way, the damage the sniper does is more sequential... meaning, you cant get a 400 hps para that takes a mage from full to ZERO. Those are no fun and take no skill.. just luck. By making para happen more often, and reducing the time that it paras for, you get a more reliable and predictable skill. A fighter could count on on getting paraed once a fight about... but doesnt have to worry about getting a sniper down to DYING while having 350hps left and then getting killed cause of a lucky attack. We could make the paras last just barely long enough to get ONE backstab flee in, and also make it so that backstab on PARALYZED or STUNNED wakes the person unless the backstab reparas. This calls for the occasional 300 hps backstab when the person is really lucky and gets a double para, but usually just a backstab (75), round (50) and second backstab (75) for 200 points max.... I think this does a good job of making the skill more reliable and less frustrating without making the fights boring and too predictable. I think a similar idea for WFW works. You could make a wfw last only 2 rounds max, with a one round skill lag. This gives one free attack, but n no stupid 5 round wfws with 2 immolates, etc. You can make wfw happen more often in return. No one likes dieing to some jerk that got a lucky attack. And I have to say that I think poultice is too strong at 60 spirit. I thi think it should heal 40-45 hps at 60 spirit and 55-60 at 70.. etc. Think about 2 Tarans, one with 25 points more of str or con (8 damageroll and a slightly better bash, or 100 hps and a slightly better headbutt for level 50), and one with those 25 points put to spirit... effectively adding 600 hps to the character, add a chalice and a long fight and its ev even more. And I did mention before that con people should wake up from self-stunning headbutts faster than people with 40 con, which I could tell you from experience, is NOT the case. One more idea... people should have -hit and -damage when they are STARVING or DEHYDRATED. Once I was dehydrated and I started a fight and then took 5 drinks from my chalice for 150 mana. Eating should take more than a pulse. Spam eating 10 roots is dumb too. Eating a root should take as long as using a poultice. Using movement should make you hungry too.. and when you get hungry all the penaltys for hit and damage should gradually kick in as you get more and more hungry. Yeah I know that people could just run down their movement to get hungry.. the exact balance should be worked out so that its not abusable but limits some of the ridicules healing that goes on in this game by 50 mind |U6

From: Poetry Wednesday, January 03 2001, 03:44PM mages. I lost connection at the last line....=p Just some ideas. I dont play Poetry as much but I on as some unknowns keeping a low profile and I play Dune every now and then. I like the new message for PARALYZED. The staring blankly thing is funny. hehe Poetry |U6

From: Lancelot Wednesday, January 03 2001, 04:34PM I think paras dont need to have a better chance at paralysis. It paras enough to cost me and my alts LOTS of fights, And now with the upcomming idea of no hps gear, how mana errr many people can afford to lose 200hps? For me now thats like half my life. I think augments are fine too, I gave up my con, and mind and put it on a crappy stat like spi thats only used by druids, just so I can heal. And with autohunt triggers and what not, perhaps its my connection, but people do catach me when I try to heal up, I get normally 2 or 3 in before they catch me. I noramlly have to premake and hope they dont poof when fighting to really get max use out of them. just my 2 cents Lance |U6

From: Kosminski Thursday, January 04 2001, 10:47AM i like poetrys ideas.... i think poultice's should give more hp than the amount of spir you have like now, however maybe the mind should be 75 to augment... mmmm dont like penatlies on being hungry/thirsty though. also Ea! said soemthing about a bug in para's making them last too long so maybe it will fix all this... -A. Kosminski |U6

From: Ea! Thursday, January 04 2001, 12:59PM Aaron Kosminski's right -- I did find a bug in the paralysis routine that was causing it to last longer than it should have. Thanks to everyone who reported this -- I'm sorry it took so long to find, it was one of those bugs that it's easy to look at and say "that looks correct" (I had a "ch" where I needed a "vict"). Rather than up the lag on eat, I'd much rather try to redo roots. We don't like having it benefit people to keep themselves starved. We're working on a good solution to that, but we haven't come up with anything that we particularly like yet. I like the idea of making being starved and dehydrated be more costly, though I'm not sure about your specific suggestion... I'm glad you like the new paralysis messages. -Ea! |U6

From: Darkheart Saturday, January 06 2001, 04:44AM starving and dehydrated is pretty overpowering for chars that can 'prep' themselves that way. Though in most cases it's nearly impossible to fight without first achieving that status (starving) for some chars. I'd rather have roots last for a long time, and when eaten, translate mana into hps. so you can prep them, but prepping more than your max mana won't do anything. the conversion rate of course will depend on the mind of the caster. so a 2nc c create with 50 mind will prolly crate err, create a root with 50% conversion ratio, 20pts max per root, while a 3rd c 100 mind would get 90% conversion ratio with 36pts max per root, something like that. it'll be double injury if you cast roots during fight since you waste mana casting them, then again for the conversion, but that's just too bad ;) anyway, gotta go. Dh |U6

From: Capt_Miller Saturday, January 06 2001, 05:03AM Nice idea that starving/dehydrated What it means is that approximately when you go from normal status to dehydrated, you get like -3hit, (unable to concentrate?) and maybe -3dmg when hungry (weak) Should make well-fed and full of water a slight penalty too, whoever fights on a full stomach? anyway append to the wrong msg |U6

From: Lancelot Sunday, January 07 2001, 06:54PM starving/dehydrating stuff will kill create mages. Dont think its a good idea, unless you find a way so that creates can heal again |U6


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