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Posted by RedGeust on 01/11

It looks as though at least a little effort is being made towards healing for non-mages, and non-augmentors here, with the addition of a new healing item. That combined with Darkhearts suggestion to make a chalice for hitpoints has got me to thinking that maybe there should be something, like a chalice perhaps, or an upgraded well of trust, that would heal fighters reasonably quickly through drinking. The chalice can basically be used be mages (3rd circle cause anyway) for hp, through mana at about a 1-1 ratio. But mages wouldn't really be gaining anything, because they would need thirst to use a new hp healing chalice, thus forcing them to choose between hp and mana. If this item were in, and was basically a dupe of the chalice just for HP, including rent, and all the minuses, I can't see it being more powerful than the mana chalice, just more often used. The well of trust idea is even better I think, upping it to around 20-25 points per drink. You create a hub, and drag all those pkillers out of their housing if they want to heal fast. Could be really interesting. (right now the benefits of the well, aren't that great... so its not hard to justify going somewhere safe and sleeping) |U6

From: Darkheart Sunday, January 07 2001, 02:57AM making the well of trust do whatever would just make housing in romania much more popular, or have ppl hang out in klein safe room. sides, if i had the skill, i'd keep it poisoned anyway. |U6

From: Ea! Sunday, January 07 2001, 01:01PM I can't speak for the builders and the items that they may put into the game, but I think that we need to be moving away from items and spells that give advantages to people who are hungry/thirsty. -Ea! |U6

From: Kosminski Sunday, January 07 2001, 01:07PM HAHAHAH! Darkhart, the wannabe Gan! Poison away, I says! |U6

From: Madison Sunday, January 07 2001, 01:19PM There used to be healing wells once upon a time, all the pk'ers hung out there and it was really cool, IMHO. But those were yanked along with sancs. I agree that some tweaking to them might have been a better alternative but still they used to exist. |U6

From: Zafira Sunday, January 07 2001, 02:34PM How about increasing the rate of hp regeneration at high con. I think that high con already helps regen, but perhaps it should be increased. |U6

From: RedGeust Sunday, January 07 2001, 04:02PM Also to consider along with the faster regen rate for high con, would be a skill or skill set that helps hp regen rate, based on entirely different stats that root. The result would likely be that mages who are usually running short on practices as it is, wouldn't have the practices to spare, where as the people with 25 practices free at level 50 (usually the ones that cannot heal themselves at all) would be able to spare a couple practices. (or a couple of dozen in this case) Yeah yeah, I'm a non-healing pure fighter type, so a change would benefit me greatly. Take the suggestion however you wish. |U6

From: Conspiracy Sunday, January 07 2001, 06:11PM in all honesty, this could be done by lowering the stat req on root itself. att 100 con, root is my favorite skill in the game, it's just such a shame that you damn near have to augment to have it. but then again, I guess the idea here is to have groups, and this doesn't promote grouping, it promotes the opposite. but anyway, yeah! lower the root req, hell I'll drop augment :p |U6

From: Dayde Thursday, January 11 2001, 12:03PM I think having an HP well of trust would be a good alternative to an HP chalice... There aren't too many minuses because ppl have to risk getting poisoned, and everyone can use it Another alternative would be creating skills that allowed fighter types with high con to regian hp back or boost hp by using up mana That could start making some unusual eq combinations as a dedicated fighter (like me) have low mind Dayde |U6


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