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Things wrong with newbie armour.|U6

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Posted by Archaon on 01/24

This is really bad that plate armour reduces your dex. They would never have created some armour that disallowed you to move. that means that you would never be able to hit them and it would be about as useful as being paralized. Plate armour never dropped your dex lower than chain and it didnt drop your ac much lower either. Basically what i am trying to say is reduce the -dex on items such as armbands as they never made stuff that reduced your movement that much. Archaon |U6

From: Chocorua Monday, January 08 2001, 09:44PM who are they? Chocorua |U6

From: Vampyr Monday, January 08 2001, 11:04PM you know... them... |U6

From: Conspiracy Monday, January 08 2001, 11:43PM They're after you! |U6

From: Conspiracy Monday, January 08 2001, 11:43PM They're all gonna laugh at me! |U6

From: Poetry Tuesday, January 09 2001, 09:15AM I think Archaon's time to write this post about newbie armor should be honored by imms and players, not poked fun of. You imms could get as pissed as you want about people suggesting that you drink eachothers bathwater or whatever, but you guys are just as bad. I have to agree that seeing dex "in flux" when putting on plate armor is no good... These poor newbies dont know how important dex is in this mud. Giving them newbie items that hurt more than they help is discouraging and making it harder to learn LegendMUD than necessary. Maybe a different imm could take this issue a bit more seriously. |U6

From: Sandra Tuesday, January 09 2001, 09:56AM I don't think that Chocorua was poking fun at the original post at all. I think he was asking a serious question. I found myself wondering who 'they' are also, to be honest. But I'll also answer the original post: Platemail is heavy. Really heavy, of course it's going to drop your agility slightly because of that. My suggestion would be to try some different types of armor to find the types that suit your playing style better. If dex is what you need, then try lighter versions of armor instead of the very heavy. -Sandra |U6

From: Cumference Tuesday, January 09 2001, 12:41PM if you're refering to 'they' as olden times kinds peoplez =P yes it DOES restrict you, VERY much trust me i've worn full plate before.....even chain mail is freeking damn heavy =P |U6

From: Chocorua Sunday, January 14 2001, 12:31PM No i wasn't poking fun I was serious them = medieval blacksmiths them = game designers for early roleplaying games them = SCA plastic plate for fighting with wooden swords them = legend imms which one? if the first is what was referred to then the poster was wrong at the height of plate armor the "knight" had to be hoisted onto his mount and handed his weapons and falling off your horse or having it killed in battle was a death sentence. Chocorua ps. if i was poking fun i would have made it obvious with some sort of ASCII smirk. I asked a question that was never answered. |U6

From: Gondar Monday, January 15 2001, 03:40AM Actually, plate armour is about 40 pounds lighter than a chain mail hauberk. I own a replica suit of 13th century German plate, fully articulated and of combat quality. the -only- thing of it I can see a reduction in, is the helmet is a tiny bit -perc. As far as movement goes, one would need a fairly high con in order to wear it for any length of time, which can be said for -any- armour, even boiled leather or somesuch, with the possible exception of simple padded armour. As for the knight needing to be hoisted onto his mount, that was in the case of severely specialized jousting armour; combat armour has always been made with an eye towards balancing protection and movement. Gondar, etc 11-year veteran of full contact, live steel combat. |U6

From: Archaon Wednesday, January 24 2001, 01:35AM I read your stuff and you want to know who they is. Well to be honest i cant remember the guys name. How i got this info was off a BBC TV series titled (assuming my memory is correct) War Horses. They means a british historian who actually wore the armour and demostrate it. now i aggree with sandra that platemail is really heavy so it'll drop dex but try to drop it say 1 not 3, 3 is a little too high. - Archaon - 'alias' a beeping madman |U6


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