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Posted by Fear on 01/10

just want to say that this sucks. I guess I'm so used to it, is why it sucks, but making a mage is now impossible thanks to it. that's fine and all, but maybe you imms should make lowbie mobs worth a bit more. it's rediculous to try and level one without leeching pd and sl, having no skills, etc. my $.02 |U6

From: Asandir Tuesday, January 09 2001, 12:40AM This is my 4th 3rd circle mage, and 9th mage all together. None of them has been powerleveled in SL or PD. Occassionally one has been levelled while gossiping with friends. Each has very close to the maximum cast levels. Each has taken around 120 hours to get to level 50, give or take 10. I am told this is too fast by a number of people, and maybe leveling rates should be looked at. The mobs are there to build your low-level characters if you want to build them. Granted, this change doesn't effect me at all, so I find it hard to sympathise with you, but your post is simply no where near true. |U6

From: Angharad Tuesday, January 09 2001, 02:20AM Umm, I can't even remember the last time one of my chars went to PD/SL. I play create mages a lot (yeah, the ones without low level dam spells), and I have no trouble levelling them. I only ever learn one fight spell before getting all my words, just cos I like to get my words all done and out of the way by the late 20s levels. So maybe you need to go play the xp game when xping yourself gets boring - just to discover what is available out there. Sometimes when my lowbies get bored I areahop for the fun of it, looking for mobs its worth my while to kill. Added bonus - you get to learn your way around more of the mud. The xp is out there, you just need to go find it :) Angharad |U6

From: Angharad Tuesday, January 09 2001, 02:35AM That was meant to be only learn one fight SKILL before getting all my words. -peer fingers- If I was pk, I'd go join the herms ;) And yeah, my chars are built solo, not riding on the coat tails of others. Personally I think the changes to PD/SL were a good thing (tm) because it encourages people to put a little effort into building their own chars, rather than having a group of level 50s build for them, but that's just my personal opinion, and no offense is intended to anyone who thinks and behaves otherwise. Angharad |U6

From: Cerberus Tuesday, January 09 2001, 03:05AM -cackle- I'm a mage with only kick and basic training. I've never been to Sl or PD. I'm at level 17 in 11 hours. I haven't grouped for any xp yet. None. -cackle- It can be done, its not that hard, and it is fun! There are lots of mobs around that give good xp! Cerberus the silly old fool |U6

From: Zelda Tuesday, January 09 2001, 03:54AM I have 4 3rd circle and a bunch of 2nd circle mages. I get EVERY word before getting a skill when making a mage, and normally level by myself or grouped with one or two other characters, and have never been to SL or PD. Saying that making a mage is impossible now when many never used this method is a ridiculous statement. I do take a long time to level usually because I enjoy it, but its possible to level fairly quickly, and there are lots of good xp mobs out there, not to mention xp rooms and quests which can be done without skills. If you level by yourself you learn more about the game and have more fun IMO. Mages without skills are more fun to level because they are more challenging. But if people really hate getting xp, its still possible to leech, just not as easy as it was. I think thats reasonable, I don't see why it should be made really easy to avoid building your own character. There are some things I think could be done to help low level mages relying on spells. The high spell fail rate for example. What happened to that idea that if you fail a spell and recast the same one the chance of success temporarily increases with each attempt? At one point that was supposed to have been implemented but I find it hard to believe its in when I fail 14 times in a row? Zelda |U6

From: Poetry Tuesday, January 09 2001, 09:22AM Mages are easy enough to level without level 50 friends. I think you might be lazy or lonely or something, hehe. |U6


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