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Posted by Poetry on 01/11

Im really sorry that I comprise the majority of the vocal minority, ranting and raving about stuff that no one cares about. I think healing in this mud is whacked and places a damper on EVERYTHING. Not just pkill, but everything. Downgrading healing is one of those things that no one wants cause it makes things a bit harder. What you guys dont always see, is that it also causes people to explore the game more and make more interesting and more diverse characters. I knew when I posted about reducing healing, that I would get all these non pkill players all angry about "minority" vocal pkillers changing the g game for all. It wasnt hard to figure out, actually. You guys kill mobs over and over and over again... and do PD over and over again. I dont understand it... I find it about as exciting as playing TIC TAC TOE against a computer. But hey, people do that too... So its pretty obvious that you guys want characters with ridicules damageroll, the ability to spam for healing, lots of ingame healing, etc. Honestly, I wonder if you guys would still have fun if you could find enough holes in the game system to make characters that could solo PD or SL. There has got to be a limit somewhere to how powerful one type of character can be. I resent people saying that Im whining... I got that in my previous post. The only append that made sense to me was the A. Kosminski post about the con mage, and dex mage. If you guys dont see that, then you arent interested in a game thats fair and even for all types. Its become so clear to me, in the response to my anti-healing post that all those that appended against it are more interested in a cushy character that can do anything, than any kind of challenge at all. Maybe Im a rare bird, I dumped my old eq the moment it became old and I still do quite well in mob kill and in pkill. Ok, you guys arent like that. Now that I see what a minority I am, Ill play even less here, and let this mud turn into a MUSH or MOO or whatever you call those dumb games that have no gameplay, just RP for people that would rather play a fuzzy thing that flirts with other fuzzy things than engage in a challenging game where you actually have to be thinking to succeed... |U6

From: Cerberus Wednesday, January 10 2001, 02:08PM -cackle- The only way I can see yanking in game healing actually working out is to raise the hp regeneration rate. If that is the case I am all for it. -cackle- I am not for yanking in game healing and leaving the regen rate as it is now. It is too slow for that. Take any character from this system and have them fight one from the system 5 years ago. The new character would win every time. -cackle- Characters are getting more powerful every time changes are made. More hits, more damage, more healing available. At least with a fast regeration rate with less healing items around evens out pk without hurting those people that kill mobs. -cackle- Cerberus |U6

From: Ming Wednesday, January 10 2001, 02:52PM Hmm, nevermind think I am going to make this a new thread ... =P |U6

From: Dusk Wednesday, January 10 2001, 03:04PM I don't think a char from 5 years ago would have that much trouble in this system... -ponder- I recall having a 3rd circle Cause mage, 580hp, with 100dex and 100mind, and the wells in tara gave full restores when you drank em. Things were a bit whacked back then... |U6

From: Vampyr Thursday, January 11 2001, 01:16AM i also remember a ring 5 years ago that halved damage... hrmmm |U6

From: Angharad Thursday, January 11 2001, 05:33AM -Models completely new char, with no +dam/hit/mana/HP gear.- Of course somebody is going to say 'but she's not pkill so it doesn't really matter if she has none of that'. It's a comment I've heard before. I still have fun without spam healing, hit/dam, HPs etc. But, damn, I had more fun with a similar char (roughly same stats, char type) who ripped and landed the occasional damcap. And I still don't understand how my old chars were unbalancing in mobkill. There were mobs my chars couldn't have solo'd (cos wrong char type) and mobs they could. Happens for every char type. It's not like there's a line of people wanting to kill the same mobs I'm targetting and complaining cos I (or my alts) beat them to it. There's a char about now, similar level, same char type to me. He's wearing high-rent, 'flashy' eq, and HPs, etc, but he can't kill what I can with my low-rent, HP-less setup. It's not eq that makes mobkill unbalancing (if there is any unbalance in mobkill), it's experience, and knowing your char's capabilities and limitations. And frankly, I liked the extra capabilities given to me by old eq. I miss it, and I fail to see why or how it was unbalancing in mobkill. Angharad |U6

From: Poetry Thursday, January 11 2001, 09:55AM I Could kill a mob designed for 3 level 50s with one level 50 character that is only using HALF the availiable rent for eq. 25k rent. 100dex 60 spr 50 mind create mage from tara. Give him old eq to rip and stuff and I could kill even more. You guys should take some time to learn the combat system instead of loading up on old eq and typing "bash" and letting the code win the fights for you. I have a pc version of TIC TAC TOE if you like to play a computer in mindless games with severly limited strategy. Sorry Im getting so punchy, Im just getting a dose of reality. I think it just hit me... what this place is all about. |U6


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