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Posted by Dayde on 01/23

Everyone can see that the skills for healing are a little whacked.. as you can start healing 20-40 HP per round at a low level and never again need to do too much to your character again to gain xp from groups I would like to see the heal skills a little revamped so that there are mo more skills required to operate at the level possible now and even further... like for a huge mana cost healing 100 hp at a time , which could be balanced by taking a huge amount of time to finish the sp and couldnt be done during combat Anyway, just my rambling... tell me what you think Dayde |U6

From: Zafira Thursday, January 11 2001, 02:13PM I would like to see more surgery-type skills at higher levels and high mind. I believe there may be some planned for skilltrees, which means we'll never see them. |U6

From: LadyAce Thursday, January 11 2001, 05:02PM I'm not so sure that we're ready to put in too many skills, that much is true. But more uses for old skills is certainly on the table. One thing I'd like to see is more coupling of high-level surgery/druidism and high-level bardic skills. Tried much with lullaby/entrance? That's more interesting than just typing 'oper foo' over and over, at least. How about techniques for using calm/inspire more often? Suggestions on how these skills could be more useful, or why you stopped using them, would interest me greatly. -LA |U6

From: Rufus Friday, January 12 2001, 11:21AM Instead of adding more skills (yes, the dreaded and oft-put-on-the-back- burner skilltrees addresses this with additional skills), how about we scale the amount of healing that a person could do over the 50 level range (well, 45 level range). So that high level healers could gain maximum benefit from healing, whereas lower levels would still have an effective skill? Just a suggestion - I'm not running and implementing this =) -Ruf |U6

From: Poetry Friday, January 12 2001, 03:43PM I think if you made in-game healing not work when you have a pktimer on, and then downgraded cure crit, roots, and poulticing down to 50% that we would be better off. 50% 60% whatever is good, by me. Just some sort of downgrade would work. I also think that poulticing in general should go down for 60 spirit 60 spirit poultice should be like 45-50 max... like 30 in pkill. 80 spirit poultice should be like 70-80 max and like 50 in pkill. Dont worry about the druids in long PD runs... surgeons rule that and always will cause they barely use mana for their heals, and require no herbs or bandages. If you want to make chalice give 20mana with pk timer on, that would help too... Also, in pkok, can we make a permanent PKOK all status that cant be reversed unless you use a redeem, that grants you shorter timers (for healing, going ooc, etc.) JUst an idea, dont go all nuts on me. Poetry |U6

From: Lancelot Friday, January 12 2001, 09:50PM I think heal is fine the way it is. You give up a lot to use the ablility to heal, even more so with all the gear changes. I dont think me healing 30hps per augment would be worth augment I heal 30hps your backstab dose 88 thats just messed up. but I guess you people want no healing, no diversity just stand there and see who lands more kicks or bashes wins But allow the sniper to go high con and flee backstab everyone Im sick of fighting snipers as is, every 2 out of 3 pkillers nowdays is a damn sniper type. |U6

From: Poetry Sunday, January 14 2001, 12:49PM drink cup Lancelet, you are so wrong about the healing thing. The fact that its so easy to heal causes LESS diversity. You wonder why everyone is a sniper? Its cause only a sniper can parabackstab you for long enough to kill you before you flee, and chalice and augment yourself. Can you honestly say that going losing 25 in stats to go from 35spr to 60 spirit is a big cost for being able to DOUBLE your hps? come on. You are just being lazy and want a cushie character. Every mage in the game would give up 25 stat points to double their hps. Its not a big cost at all. Thats why so many beginning pkillers make poulticers. When I say double, Im being conservative too. With a get chalice holster nifty chalice and some stalling, you could triple them pretty easily. You are speaking in favor of your character with no vision for anything else. I am speaking in favor of the game... big difference. I have a poulticer and its so BS that I feel bad playing him. And a sniper with 88 hp backstab does even get one off when I could 60 spr inspire after getting down to half, and augmenting myself to full. Dont blame this on code. The augmentor as every advantage possible... with a little thinking (and it seems that you do very little) you will NEVER lose to a sniper. Your pkill/mobkill inadequacies are not sufficient reason to dismiss the very obvious healing problem on this mud. Sorry Im getting nasty, but I hate when I make thought out arguements, and some little brat discredits them just cause he needs the big advantages to be on an even playing field with people that actually master the game without relying on cheesy coding holes. |U6

From: Sasha Tuesday, January 23 2001, 03:23PM I think heals should be more gradual based on stats... When I realized my new druid could augment for 70hp heals with virtually no equipment I was shocked. Granted she can't poultice very quickly but it would be nice to differentiate between "pure healers" and "half healers." just a thought. Sasha |U6


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