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Posted by Fear on 01/23

I'm not sure how to put this lightly, so I won't try. Marauder has not been a productive part of this mud community in well over a year, though it's prolly well over two years. I've seen really cool eq changed, because of Marauder. I've countless people bitch and whine about chalices, I blame Marauder, not the chalice. The horseshoe was changed, the amethyst ring was changed.. next in line is the sl ring. this is all timed gear, if you haven't noticed. Timed gear that became unbalanced when marauder started preserving for a measly 500 coins. Marauder has singlehandedly changed the face of this mud, and we are conforming to him, we aren't making him conform to the mud. In the meantime, he has made billions, upsetting the mud's economy, and actually looking at the screen maybe once per month to bask in how much money he has made, buy every coupon available, because we simply can't compete with his cash, and then quickly return to whatever it is that marauder does. It truly makes me sick to think that this has been allowed for so long, and I think it's time someone put an end to it. Fear, an inactive girl in an unactive clan. [Coven] |U6

From: Cumference Sunday, January 14 2001, 11:13AM laugh for the changes on eq: i think the immortals already explained WHY they changed it, to balance HP gear since Hp was too available to all char classes which would tip CON out of balance I don't think Marauder affects this one bit =P And it would be real selfish for the imms to change all these items on the account of one person/bot, i don't think the imms are that selfish, we have a really good immbase..even tho i might not agree with some of their ideas and such. g chalice pouch fill chalice waterskin drin chalice put chalice pouch bah As for his money thing, i'm on enough to tell you thathe doesn't horde all the coupons he probably logs on just once a month to buy 1-2 coupons. and as for the the making billions of coins, the people of LegendMUD accept his services, so they pay for it. What's wrong with that? I give you something, you give coins in return. I'm not saying this because i'm totally dependant on Marauder =P Letsee the last time i've used him was about hrm, a week ago i think. That's a very long time compared to some people who regularly use his orbs, flight etc etc. But probably nothing to you Marauder-boycotters =P shrug, and i have no timed eq on my non-creates..oh wait, 1 char that can't preserve has a timed item :P enuff ramblin in the morning |U6

From: Nepon Sunday, January 14 2001, 02:03PM I think you have it backwards. Marauder (in my opinion) makes a great cont ribution to this mud by offering mage services. for those of us not in some stupid clan or that dont have mages skills, it was wery difficult if not impossible to find someone willing to preserve, tform, etc. before marauder became the infamous tara bot. this resulted in alot of players only being able to log in for a few minutes to try to get things preserved or tformed then having to log out because they didnt want to lose the eq that they either fought to get or had to pay good money for. and, it would cost at least 5k to get some mage to stop what they were doi ng and come to your aid. as far as the money and buying of coupons, it sounds to me like you are just jealous. oh and take my word for it i have been playing here for years and nothing (and i do mean nothing) has ever been changed because of what one character said, did, or whatever -just my 2 cents |U6

From: Blackthorne Sunday, January 14 2001, 02:23PM The point Nepon is that if your a straight fighter OR a cause mage, you really shouldnt be able to have loads of timed eq. What caused a great deal of imbalance was the fact that these people relied heavily on Marauder. In my opinion he is one reason that many in their minds become cause mages. Its not the only reason but Its very likely they see it as a nice bonus. The imms now are fixing unbalanced hp eq which is good. |U6

From: Shaidar Sunday, January 14 2001, 03:29PM although I do think marauder is a great option and yes I do use him, he does sorta bring a small imbalance Marauder doesnt need anymore gold, so why not kindly remove him and replace him with a bot just like him, but his services stop after you reach level 25? he is a _immense_ help to newbies who need newbies kits and armor, for those people who dont play newbies very often its pretty difficult just to trave around, dont keep it the way it is, dont take it all away just modify it so its only available to newbie/lowbie types |U6

From: Blackthorne Sunday, January 14 2001, 04:51PM Bleh, hate when i get cut off from finishing my message. Anyway, I would have concluded my append with saying that Marauder is not the total reason for imms changing hp eq. Its being changed because its unbalanced. While I do think Marauder makes certain character classes better while making others worse, its his right to do so. There is no rule created by the imms saying that he cannot do it. Im curious what would happen if someone made a 3rd circle cause bot. A bot that gave out nice long blesses, armor, and strength. Would people have a problem with that? I think they would. |U6

From: Nepon Sunday, January 14 2001, 06:55PM timed eq is not the greatest benefit of marauder to straight fighters the real benefit of marauder to fighters is tforming. It is almost impossible to get a mage to tform 9 or 10 items when you need them to unless they are a friend of yours or in a group that you happen to be running with. so rather than sit there for 3 hours asking on chat and auction for a mgae to come tform all your eq (and getting flamed for it in the process) its a good option to go to marauder pay a few coins and get all your stuff fixed. this is a good service to anyone not just newbies. and, lets face it 500 coins isnt a whole lot of money. i would be willing to bet that any time i am on for 2 or 3 hours money running i probably mak just as much money as mara will for the whole day. and again, when you start complaining about himn mkaing too much money from his services, it sounds to me like you are just jealous. and just in case you are wondering its more than possible to make 250 to 350k in a few hours of money running. in order for mara to make that much in a day he would have to perform services for 700 people. that is 30 people per hour (at 2 minutes each). and i guaranteee you he can not keep up his mana to serve that many people. so if you are wanting the kind of money that marauder has all you have to do is money run for 2 or 3 hour a day and it wont be long before you can outbid him for those precious cou pons |U6

From: Vampyr Sunday, January 14 2001, 09:17PM from what i was told marauder doesn't even make that much money doing it think about it, barely anyone uses him what 14 hours from 2am - 4pm cuz everyone's either sleeping or at work (most ppl anyway) plus Marauder doesn't create an imbalance, i never had trouble getting chant kere kala ex or tform before him, i just don't have to bug people wh who are busy :P btw that was supposed to be Preserve -=whap alias=- plus he provides his services to everyone :P not just some ppl, if he only did it for certain people then i would have a problem with him :P |U6

From: Bruson Monday, January 15 2001, 01:41AM Several points: 1) It's absurd to say that Marauder had anything to do with the eq changes. The changes to +hp gear NEEDED to be made and are a positive thing, and were made for that reason. As for the chalice, no one should be able to recover all their mana in no time flat, so that was yet another needed change. 2) People keep giving dependency on Marauder as a reason for disliking him, but I just don't see it. I never see anyone crying because he's not around, and many people use him as a last resort after asking on chat for upwards of 15 minutes to get these services from an active player and getting no response. If you don't like bots, fine, you've got a right to your opinion, but do not blame changes on him which he had absolutely nothing to do with. 3) I don't agree with the assertion that straight fighters shouldn't be able to wear timed eq. Mages have enough advantages already without having better eq available only to them. If it can't be used by those who benefit from it the most then what is it doing in the game? Bruson et al. |U6

From: Gondar Monday, January 15 2001, 03:20AM Just for the record, I did the 3c cause bot thing, and was told that it wasn't allowed, called it potential pk interference because vina armor doesn't take an eq slot, and strength/armor/bless would give an unfair pk advantage. Even after adding triggers to check levels, and denying services to anyone of levels to -possibly- be pkenabled, I was informed that unless I was IW at all times, to make sure that there was no abuse of the triggers, and to make certain that no enabled characters did so, that I would not be allowed to do a causebot. Right now I have a max of 557 mana, once upon a time, it was 634 just because I am a vina mage, and cannot preserve, is no reason to deny me (or any other vina mage) the use of a chalice, just because it is timed. Anyone got an idea of the time involved in regenerati ng 557 (or 634) mana with just meditate? it would make high-mind vina mages virtually worthless, forget having one to go to PD and prep, forget sleeping Skatha, the vina mages wouldn't be able to keep up their mana, -especially- if, like me they hit on runs as well. . . It seems to me the main complaint concerning Marauder is a matter of jealousy, because some people aren't wallowing in money. . . Hell, I have trouble keepin 200k in the bank because there's always something to buy, eq, strings etc. Hey! I know! Lets get the imms to add a decimal place to the gold on every mob. . . 50,000 on the pardoner, 150,000 on Abbot Suger, then -everybody- can have as much money as Marauder! -bah- |U6

From: Mugwump Monday, January 15 2001, 09:32AM Maybe the eq changes would have been necessary without Marauder, maybe not. Many of these items were considered to be in spec when they went in because of the penalty of being timed. With Marauder, the concept of timed is radically altered to the point where it isn't a consideration for most when people making an eq list. As for his effect on the mud economy, he has devalued the services of mages. This isn't about how much money it generates for him, but how much it devalues the services of other active players. Some have complained that getting those services was too difficult before. With Marauder here they are have become too cheap, not only in price but also in ease of availability. He has made tform and mend so easy and affordable that there isn't much point to eq even being able to be damaged. At this point, why not do away with eq damage, and pull those skills altogether? (My personal opinion: I like eq damage and skills the way they are. I mean were.) As for "newbie kits", it was and still is possible for newbies to get orbs and shields from a mob. (It might be nice if that mob moved a bit less so newbies could find them a little more easily, though.) As for the pkill issue, I would certainly find free shields and orbs useful in pkill at low levels. Fly, sustained breath (I once won a pkill fight solely because I had the skill and my opponent didn't), and other utility spells Marauder casts can also tip the balance of a pkill fight. But I guess that pkill advantage is okay, but bless and strength aren't. |U6 damn. 5th line should be people when, not when people. It's all MS Words fault. |U6

From: Sasha Tuesday, January 23 2001, 03:36PM I've got it! Lets all vote for Marauder to be a Legend and call it quits. That way he gets respect for making a great bot, maybe we keep some of the features like "newbie kit" or something with him as a mob and everyone can be happy (like create mages. hehe) Sasha |U6


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