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Posted by Sandra on 01/17

You know, I sit and read this board every day, and listen to the 'hard core' pkillers complain about how there's no pkill, blah blah blah. Lemme tell you a few things. I was accept all for a month. A MONTH. I was on every day, and for a few hours at a time. I was even IC for 95% of the time I was on. Before, and after that little test, I've been accepting all but 1 pk clan. Not once was I jumped, not once did one of you pansy ass 'hard core' pkillers get your lazy butts out of the OOC and come jump me. You're all a bunch of babies. You whine and whine 'Pkill is dead!', when the problem is that you want things spoonfed to you, and can't stand the fact that you've got to think, and actually work towards finding out your targets, instead of automatically knowing when a member of suchandsuch clan logs in, that there is your next target. Get off your asses, and do something for once instead of sitting in the OOC and pouting because you've got this dillusion that pkill is dead. Pkill is what you make it. And YOU are the ones that are making your pkill dead. |U6

From: Rahvin Tuesday, January 16 2001, 11:19PM amen sista |U6

From: Gondar Tuesday, January 16 2001, 11:28PM For once, I have to compliment Sandra on her post. PK has a lot to do with the general intelligence/maturity levels of the players, and until/unless these things -raise- PK will stay dead. I have accepted a few people, for either RP or personal reasons, but unless/intil I see what -I- think is a drastic alteration in the attitudes of pkers in general (there are exceptions of course), I will never go aa. . . And before you go off on, 'well you always talk smack about pk,' remember its the way that pkers -in general- act, not pk itself. I have had a few fights. . . some that were actually -fun-, because of who I was fighting, they made it fun, rather than the annoyance pk normally is. Ask DoC, we fought one night a while back, he was askin for someone to fight because Marauder was on, after a week or so of hibernation, and he wanted someone to immolate him so he would have a reas on to go visit. I offered, he accepted, and we fought. DoC kicked my arse (experience -definitely- showed there), but the point is, it wasn't the usual (in my eyes) immature, juvenile flexing that is the norm. Wake up people, pk is -not- going to change unless/until the people who pk look at themselves, and decide to make the change before pk is nothing more than another legend. -climbs off his soapbox and puts on his asbestos suit- |U6

From: Riven Tuesday, January 16 2001, 11:46PM I have to agree 100% Sandra |U6

From: McDonald Tuesday, January 16 2001, 11:50PM Just wondering, how these people supposed to know that you went accept all. They supposed to come by and try to beg from you? Second, why not accept all to all the clans? Thirdly, I been playing ActofWar and there is too much PeeKay there haha. Can hardly get any xp without being Pkayed. Your post is funny, hehe, but what is real funny is seeing the legend pkayers come to aow and getting depressed when they get PeaKaid too much, haha. |U6

From: LadyAce Wednesday, January 17 2001, 12:16AM There's an asterisk that appears by your name if you're accept all. |U6

From: Sandra Wednesday, January 17 2001, 12:14AM Accept All pkillers get a little asterick by their name saying that they're accept all. It's right there on the who list! My clanned pkillers are following their clan's allegiance lists, so whoever they're accepting,I'm accepting. -shrug- |U6

From: Archmage Wednesday, January 17 2001, 01:29AM I've pk'd every non ooc aa character everytime i come on which has been peridocially. Hell i fight without regening one after another and die like a mofo, just because there is AA's on However, unless you are Aquilante, doc, witold, blackthorne, akai_hayate, then i haven't seen you on. Maybe tell me the mud hours you play sandra. i'll PK you. P.S. Aquilate is a para freak.....and he know's it |U6

From: Blackthorne Wednesday, January 17 2001, 02:50AM Gah! Archmage has discovered my secret identity! |U6

From: Fuego Wednesday, January 17 2001, 07:29AM Sandra, if you were PK for so long, wouldn't it have been a better test to jump us once and then see the responses? Your test was innacurate for one main reason... most of us gave up already. -shrug- i've played here for about 3 years now, and throughout all the times that i said i was quitting, i never did for more then a month, but i cant deal with this mud anymore, so i moved to a new mud |U6

From: Sandra Wednesday, January 17 2001, 07:41AM Kind of hard to jump anyone when they're sitting ooc, don't ya think? It's fine if you want to give up. I still call you all lazy for it. If you spent half the time you all did complaining about the lack of pk, actually trying to work with the system, you would probably have alot more to do than sit in the ooc. The laziness I see from the so-called hard core pkillers amazes me, and until I'm proved wrong, my opinion stands. Call it a dare, if you will. |U6

From: Dusk Wednesday, January 17 2001, 07:56AM Okay Sandra, it must have been the Grendels you rejected. I also might add, 75% of the people complaining are in the grendels. So when you reject those people..... your lil 'test' doesn't work to well. I know I never saw an asterick by Malia's name, and I recall hunting you down on several occasions to make DAMN sure i couldn't ram my dagger in your back. I am at my desk from 8 - 5 everyday. (work) I stay logged then, mostly ooc. But every chance i get... Usually about onc every other hour, I take a sweep of the mud. Sweep meaning I run the entire mud, moving from inn to inn, hunting everyone in range, trying to backstab everyone I come into contact with. There are NEVER any astericks by anyone's name..... And if there is... its 9/10 times someone in my own clan. But I guess I am not trying hard enough. I don't know Sandra, why don't you suggest something to me. Maybe everyone is accept all, and they just reject me?? Is that the problem? I suppose that could be it. I do recall your pkiller turning down my duel offers.... ON FOUR DIFFERENT OCCASIONS! Very effective test... -pat- Dusk -=GRENDEL=- |U6

From: Testboy Wednesday, January 17 2001, 09:38AM PK aint what we make it cos you made it too easy to switch on and off. PKOK has enforced friendly pk, the moment it gets ugly (the moment it gets interesting) you'll get rejected, looting is part of just about every pk mud out there, it's taken for granted that you get nekkid when you die yet under this system, you loot a single item to provoke some action and it'll backfire. Sure enough, the old style pk ruined the atmosphere for others that had no interest in pk, but you didn't bother with other alternatives like giving us a pk channel or other better options used on other MUDs where you don't even know who killed you or others where you have no way to communicate with the enemy sept via mail. Seems a lot of people have different ideas on pk, some will get majorly pissed if jumped when low or while killing a mob. In other words, they just want to duel! So let them, but without screwing it for everyone else. It's like duelling is the only option now, despite having the 'option' to agree to a list of crap you'll allow others to do to you. heh. |U6

From: Leper Wednesday, January 17 2001, 01:47PM I never complain and jump anyone AA I am not lazy and i want an apology! that or a new pair of arms. Leper paupertas grendel christi |U6

From: Akai_Hayate Wednesday, January 17 2001, 02:14PM I assumed sandras peeps had just ira rejected, but if its grendels like du dusk said, then that explains why sandra didnt find my aa almost always ic arse and perform some whuppin, and for the record the last time i fought a sandra pkiller (that i know of) was almost two years ago, i was hog-rapin some punk, and you stopped me, and i've been fixin for a rematch ever since :P so next time you test it, come find me :P if im ooc im afk but since this place is so addicting, im never afk for more than 10mins so come find me some day, and everyone wish me a clean death! oh and p.s. i was gonna start operation, "make akai better at pkill by jumping the mud-famous pkillers!" but since none are left...-Sniffle- so anyways if you read this, poetry barabas craven sandra dusk darkheart splat and anyone else i think of, prepare to be forced to wail on me! |U6

From: Sandra Wednesday, January 17 2001, 02:36PM Akai, you nut, I fought you last month! =P My original post was directed at those AA people that complain while they sit in the ooc constantly about how pkill sucks, wah wah wah. Of course it sucks for them, they're in the ooc! To the rest of the AA pkillers, I'm generally always up for a fight, if I'm not accepting you at first, ask for a duel. Once we've dueled, 9 times out of 10, you'll remain on my accept list. -Sandra, taunting pkillers, and enjoying it. |U6

From: Ganymede Wednesday, January 17 2001, 05:26PM The way I see it, you either haven't given up, and you HAVE the right to whine, or you HAVE given up, and you don't. I'm a little tired of talking to other pkers (which yes, I do often) and hearing "Blah, pk is never going to be good here again, I've stopped caring." You haven't stopped caring or else you wouldn't be complaining now would you? I totally agree with Sandra. If you spend all your time ooc and don't bother trying to jump anyone (Dusk seems to be the exception) then don't complain, because no one is going to buy it. Ganymede |U6


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