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An enlightening conversation with Chaykin|U6

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Posted by Poetry on 01/22

Chaykin brought up a VERY interesting point about legend thesedays. Everyone talks about the good old days when people actually RPed... and killed for a reason, etc. Merc comes up, and other glorious pkillers of the days past.... lets think about the internet back then... It was mostly college kids... educated professionals, people with some sort of maturity. A system like PKOK was simply not necessary! Now, every 12 year old kid has AOL! God damn them! They log on, and "come of age" at legends expense... tough talk, looting, highschool taunting, making everyone misrable..... all that stuff that young maturing adults go through.... happens here. I always get so god damn pissed when people group me in that group... The old skool pkers dont do any of that... not Dusk, Gho, Kahn Craven, .... any of the people that have been around for all this time. So basically, cause of the little brats, and then other little brats complaining to the imms (IM TELLING ON YOU!), and imms taking them too seriously, imho, we end up with a system like PKOK. Old pkers like me are pissed.. and rightly so. I never did any of that crap that everyone bitches about when the pk bitch starts. But yet, I still have to put up with the consequence So whatever, most of us are gone. I mean look, Sandra logged on her pker, and so many of us gave up already that she got no action. Sorry Sandra, I would love to come slaughter you, but Im not even EQed anymore. And I probably wont be cause things have been so bad and boring that there is just no motive. Fuego is in the same boat always ooc, always asking for eq on auc cause its just not active enough to go through the trouble to get ready. So Sandra, your test was rather meaningless! If there were 10 like you, I might bother. But there is only one.. and you only "tested". You can "test" a dead cow by kicking its shin and find out that the cow is dead. Its pretty clear that the average maturity level of users of the internet has dropped considerably. The so-called "pk problems" that we are experiencing are related. Poetry kills someone... they TELL THE TEACHER. Jeez, I cant imagine that. So imms got sick of all the "complaints" and installed player-based pkill system.... and ruined the complexity of the anarchy that drove the excitement of the place. This place is definately dead for people like me. I dont think its going to get any better. A lot of us more mature players left. Soon it will be a mud full of little boys fighting for dominance and coming of age in a mud that has so many rules designed to keep everyone happy and equel. There is much anyone could do about this... oh well. Good luck, RPers and PKers alike. |U6

From: Fuego Wednesday, January 17 2001, 11:32AM -nod- its sad to see a mud coded as well as this be put to such waste |U6

From: Cerberus Wednesday, January 17 2001, 02:15PM Here, here. Well said Poetry. -cackle- |U6

From: Vampyr Wednesday, January 17 2001, 03:36PM shrug, agree totally |U6

From: Blackthorne Wednesday, January 17 2001, 04:18PM Makes sense to me, but I can think of one person on that list of pkillers who "came of age" here on Legend. |U6

From: Tegid Wednesday, January 17 2001, 06:10PM ok... Some of you know me and my alts, some of you think I'm a newbie pkiller here. The truth is, I had a pkiller here on this mud when pk first went in. Poetry is absolutely right, the old pk system worked because the more mature pkillers kept it working. The player base has changed... alot. Because of that we have pkok. All of that is true. But that doesn't change what Sandra said. Pkok can work very much like the old pk system if all the old pkillers would stay accept all. The difference is (and main problem I think) that "part time" pkers can accept all, jump you when you're at a disadvantage, then reject you as soon as they can and you never get a chance for payback. Like it or not, that's part of the new system. I think that part of it should be changed because it circumvents the announcement that you get when someone accepts only you. Other than that though, I think this system can work, and has been working to some extent. Personally, I haven't had trouble finding a fight. There is always someone to jump or duel. Maybe that just comes with having Knight of Legen in your title. Who knows... But if anyone wants a fight, just tell me or jump me. I don't mind. Tegid the Warlock who refuses to believe that pk is dead:P |U6

From: Darkheart Monday, January 22 2001, 10:34AM not sure if the old pk system worked cuz of more mature pkers and pk today isn't working cuz of immature pkers... i personally find that i myself have changed a lot since my first perma, etc. although i think that anyone could excel in pk -- which is to say can maintain a 50:50 win/lose ratio -- i'm sure it's not for everyone. I've reverted to playing starcraft with my buddies at gaming rooms, and i personally find myself not doing everything i know i can or should simply because i don't find victory worth that little 'extra' effort. surely some ppl treat mudding the same way. win or lose, it's only a matter of xp at most, and even less than that for players who don't bother playing much... me, i can care less now that i know i won't play enough to either perma my char due to xploss nor to achieve another 100mil char with a pretitle. can't be bothered to make a new char either since i've saved up so much in the past...hah... what i find is that the mud is becoming more and more a place of peace and escape rather than a place for adventure and exploring. people who log here want to enjoy the scenery while driving, so to speak as opposed to the people back then who wanted to get somewhere. this is more true as the mud's playerbase grows older, not in terms of RL age but in terms of hours played. destinations have been reached enough times for them to look around now, or just chat turning this into a mush/moo plus the bonus of having 'some' might. or glory past. why bother change any of it, or provide 'constructive' criticism when you know you actually aren't going to set a goal? most combinations have been tried already regardless of the odds, and evening those odds won't make you build a char there. you are simply hoping that others will build chars with the newly balanced system so you can fight diverse chartypes without having to build a different char yourself. at least that was my mindset trying to promote change and picking out problems in this system. i was sick of building new chars and fighting the same old chars, so i had hoped change would cause others to build new chars and give a new twist to my old chars. now... well i've admitted my selfishness, and i don't care. i'll just log in, check my gag list and see who annoyed me (how? i don't remember, i don't need to remember) and proceed to go after that char. if i die, oh well, if i get a kill, oh well... Dh |U6


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