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HP rings and Abbot Suger|U6

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Posted by Charity on 01/24

As of this Friday's reboot, the hit point rings will be back at 50 hps, and a new hps ring with different align will be added. I changed the amethyst and added the new one following Rufus's lead with the garnet, which he modified to be acceptable to our balance points system and still have those 50 hps. Frankly, I think that all of you - pkillers and nonpkillers - who disliked the amethyst as spelltool are nuts. As has been pointed out, St. Denis isn't that tough for a lvl 50. Tells to mobs still work. Anyone capable of killing him had an equal chance to notice he was repopped and go snag themselves a nifty, expendable item. I changed it to a heal because I really didn't see a 25hp item in a dual-wear slot as being useful, and at the time that's what those items were being changed to. I went back to the original function of the amethyst ring - sanctuary (wearer takes half the usual damage) via divine protection. The spelltool ring was well within balance points, and gave an average 300hps healing, which is pretty much half-healing (as opposed to half damage) for con fighters. It preserved the intent of the item nicely, I thought, and added a unique something-to-strive-for that not every player was going to be able to have at once. But enough of that... Rufus figured out how to deliver the 50hp ring again in balance, and I frankly didn't want to read complaints in my bugfile week after week, so there it is. Enjoy. Based on the login poll results, about 20% more players wanted Suger's difficulty increased with hps/damage than by lowering his experience. Players lvl 30-50 were only 15% off or so in favoring the hps/damage. So I split the difference... he's worth very slightly less experience, has some more hps, and does very slightly more damage. Thanks for your responses, it made that decision much easier than figuring out what I, personally, really wanted to do with him. And strike one more reocurring bug from my file. =) -Charity |U6

From: Dashiva Wednesday, January 17 2001, 04:53PM the only problem with the ring was it was spammable, other than that I wish we could have kept it around, but to many people got bellyache's about it I guess -high5 mud- way to get rid of somthing cool |U6

From: Gondar Wednesday, January 17 2001, 05:05PM I only used the new (old?) amethyst once. . . and I rather liked it. I got healed, without a) wasting my mana, or b) having to search for a healer. I think i got it before the spelltool lag went in, but it was really no biggie, I fled, used it up, and waded back into the brawl. It was a bit inconvenient, having to remove a ring to wear it so it would work, but hey, small price to pay. Like Dashiva said. . . -high5 mud- way to get rid of somthing cool -G- |U6

From: Ganymede Wednesday, January 17 2001, 05:34PM I thought most of the complaints came before the skill lag change. After that I thought the healing one was fine. -shrug- Ganymede |U6

From: Ming Wednesday, January 17 2001, 08:15PM the prob with a 350 heal on a ring was that you could keep in your bag and use in mid-fight - giving a sniper or str/dex fighter insane hp and insane damage output = unbalance. i don't see you how don't see that, but oh well as far as mobkill goes you could solo anything with a few of those in your bag haha! but i applaud your changing it to be what the masses wanted : ) |U6

From: Sandra Wednesday, January 17 2001, 08:23PM You had to break the fight to use it. It cast cure crit, which is coded to not be able to be used -during- fighting. |U6

From: Vampyr Wednesday, January 17 2001, 08:38PM Why was the sanc ring removed from the game entirely anyway? Was there a reason? if so i'm sure there's a reason to take this ring out as well (as it was) shrug... cuz ppl complained? not everyone could afford the rent on it? unbalanced the game? piece of crap? aligned? whatever the case may be :P actually why am i even posting i don't even really care |U6

From: Cerberus Wednesday, January 17 2001, 11:21PM -cackle- -is really happy to see it changed- -thinks- It basically gave everyone a 0 mana cure crit. -ponder- The other part was that you didn't have to wear it to use it. Not sure if that was changed too with spelltools. -cackle- It was a nice idea but seems too radical a change. At least back to the oldish stats won't be out of balance. -cackle- Cerberus |U6

From: Israfel Thursday, January 18 2001, 05:22AM I'm one of those really happy to see that ring go, skill lag or no. As cerberus says, didn't need to wear it, it takes about the same time to use as an augment, (say 60spir) didn't take mana, and was easy to get with a VERY fast repop time. -shrug- If it stayed I'd just have changed most of my augmenters to 45spir brew/flavoring characters and miss augment rarely (though that's more applicable for create than cause), which in my book, meant there was something wrong. Glad it's gone. |U6

From: Gondar Thursday, January 18 2001, 07:50AM The I must have gotten a unique ring, cause the one I had, wouldn't work unless it was worn. Or else the others were wearing theirs, and didn't realize it. |U6

From: Maple Thursday, January 18 2001, 12:18PM Charity, if you cant see the problem with that healing ring you put in, then you shouldnt be building. Seems pretty obvious to me. |U6

From: Cerberus Thursday, January 18 2001, 01:22PM -cackle- -is 100% sure the 3 rings he had didn't have to be worn to be used- -cackle- Cerberus |U6

From: Huginn Sunday, January 21 2001, 09:39PM What seems obvious to me, Maple, was that your comment was rude and uncalled for. If that's the best you can do, don't bother posting. Huginn |U6

From: Fuego Monday, January 22 2001, 12:49AM yeah, heh, i dont even like charity and i think that was wrong -lick charity- |U6

From: Sandra Monday, January 22 2001, 02:29AM Posting things like that on this, or any board, Maple, will get you nothing but me jumping down your throat. If you haven't got anything constructive to say, don't waste the space on the board. Now you know why some of the staff get so discouraged and don't want to do anything. -Sandra |U6

From: Vinnie Wednesday, January 24 2001, 01:37PM First thing I'd like to say is -high5 Sandra- If the rest of the mud comunity want things done, don't criticize what's already done. Accept the change Deal with it, maybe like the ring things will be taken out, or changed again. But don't insult the Imm. That will get you no where fast. As for the ring itself, it was good but I also could see why people didn't like it. Use and Abuse as some people would say. Although I'm not totally for the ring, I can agree to a point with the people who liked it. I also see the other side to the story. Vinnie's player |U6


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