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Posted by McDonald on 01/20

Someone asked me a very interesting question. When did I think things started going downhill on this mud. Well this is not in order, more like which things sucked the most. Did I miss anything? 1. When chars were rerolled! This is when I deleted Beam. Haven't really gotten into this mud much since. I guess technically this was when the new fight system was put in. It was put in primarly in my opinion cuz this was primarly a mud about dex. Oops, it still is, Doh! 2. Removal of sanc rings/Removal of healing wells/xp system change Though that all didn't happen at same time, it's kinda lumped together. Made mob killing not much fun in my opinion. Don't forget this is what made the change from it being boring at lvl 8 too it being boring at lvl 40-50! 3. Hrm, i guess 3 is pkok, though not for me really. Haven't even tried it much. Did pk once for contest, but haven't been able to get into it. Got unpurged and lvled from 40 to 49, but then found out Gho playing a neat mud. haha. Actually I kinda like the pkok, maybe I'm just lame, but things were cool when the old old grendels where the jerks and secretives fought them. When mercenaries started wolfpacking thats when pkok was needed. A coincidence this happened about 98 with the rise of aol? Doubt it. -Gang Sign- how pathetic, haha, but this wasn't supposed to be a flame about them. As I said things had already kinda gone sour by then. For the people that ask, well why do you post, what are you doing here. Well I probably put in around 10000 hours on a couple chars, and have played this mud longer than any other by a huge huge margin. It's the only place that I know people. Heck this mud is how I know people on other muds, etc. Still love the History theme, too. Lastly this might sound like I'm flaming the imms, but that isn't my point. I'm sure they are trying to fix things, but quite a few people have said that the above changes took the fun out of the mud. Maybe things will be fixed yet. Kinda doubt it though. Let's declare this a mush! Pkillers if a Rper makes you mad, emote I kill you. I cut your throat etc, that will freak them out :) |U6

From: Ganymede Thursday, January 18 2001, 05:28PM I'm with you on some of what you're saying here. I don't really think sancs and wells should come back (it would be useless of me to say so anyway, because they never will) but I do think xp-ing on Legend has some issues. 1) Unless I run with a healer (which is rather difficult to do at low levels and not always possible at high ones) xping is 20% fighting and 80% resting. Even for a character with no self-healing ability, that's just too much idle time and it's not much fun. Is it possible to smooth this out a bit? Perhaps mobs are worth less xp but they do less damage? 2) There is no reward for taking greater risks, and a lot of people think there should be, including me. It's more fun to use strategy to kill something far bigger than you than to kill 50 mobs your size, and that's why players naturally try it a lot. But there's no reward for success. I was proud of my level 35 non-mage who managed to solo a Klein guard at level 35, until I realized the xp I got for using almost all my xp would have been the same as 4 wildebeests with no risk at all and taking far less time. In RL there are often greater rewards for taking greater risks, and Legend should be similar. But then you lost me when you started bashing roleplayers. If you want to be listened to you probably shouldn't insult a group of players that way outnumber the so-called 'hardcore' pkillers. I happen to think both are fun and can and should be done together when possible. But if all you want to do is kill kill kill, maybe Legend isn't for you. Ganymede etc. |U6

From: McDonald Thursday, January 18 2001, 07:13PM Shrug, I got no problem with roleplayers per se. I just feel, maybe wrongly that a lot of the changes were made to cater to them. What has been taken away? The fun of hack n slash type killing. Actually I wasn't flaming roleplayers at all. I was flaming Mercs who I considered punks. Not because they roleplayed, but because they roleplayed gangmembers because it fit in with their highschool punkass mentality. As for the comment about Legend becoming a mush, well there is nothing wrong with mushes per se. You could take out all the mob killing and make it all roleplay and some people would still enjoy it I think. Not me personally, but not because I don't enjoy roleplayers. They make the game a lot more fun, but I would miss the enjoyment of mobkilling. Actually I never did a supreme amount of pkilling anyway. Wouldn't consider myself a hardcore pkiller. What I always really enjoyed was the challenge of soloing really hard mobs. Sure fighting a live person is more exciting sometimes, but I don't complain about a lack of pkill much. I always complained about the changes above that made mobkilling no fun. Make mobkilling no fun, you turn the mud into a mush. No offense to the roleplayers. Does that make more sense? |U6

From: Angharad Friday, January 19 2001, 08:30AM 'a lot of changes were made to cater to them (RPers)... The fun of hack n slash type killing' In my (not so) humble opinion, the changes that affect our ability to fight were made in the name of balance, after some people complained that various items or abilities were unbalancing in pkill. I can't recall one non-pkiller who asked for these changes. I'm probably missing something here, and would like to know why you believe hack n slash type killing in mobkill (which seemed to be the point of your post) is now gone due to catering to RP'ers. Angharad |U6

From: Maple Friday, January 19 2001, 09:11AM i killed a klein guard at level 35 too as a non-mage. but it makes a lot of sense to grunt through 4 wildebeests. its a lot more boring too, but thats just the way the game is designed. |U6

From: McDonald Friday, January 19 2001, 11:26AM Your right the changes were made in the name of balance, but in truth they screwed over mob killing. But who made these changes? Imms, imms that have said that they care very little about pk. It also seems they care very little about mobkilling. They remove the solo aspect of mobkilling from the game to encourage the social aspect of the game. Your right, the changes weren't exactly made for rp, but their is a clear bias towards roleplay on this mud over hack n slash mob killing fun. Notice I'm not talking about pkill, I'm talking about mobkill. Shrug, its just my opinion. |U6

From: Testboy Saturday, January 20 2001, 12:48AM -nod Mcd- "to encourage the social aspect of the game" Add one healing room / era where regen is increased like on AOW or campfires from Dragon Swords and everyone gets what they want. Healers are still desirable on those MUDs. |U6

From: Vampyr Saturday, January 20 2001, 03:21PM hey testboy you play dragon swords?:P |U6

From: McDonald Saturday, January 20 2001, 10:11PM Testboy has tried them all :) |U6


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