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Posted by Shadae on 01/26

It seems the immorts and players want a balanced mud for pk and i had just the solution, until I read Darkhearts post and I totally agree with him, but I figure Ill still put in my idea about balance. The reason this mud is not balanced is because.... Tumble Thats why dex is powerful. Tumble screws over str bashes, con headbutts, mage stuns (I think). Non-dex fighters have no other skill that equals in comparison, cept maybe dodge which is more or less damage based and parry, and Im thinking those 2 things are dex based too, along with perc. So there is my 2 cents, maybe rip out tumble too while your ripping everything else thats cool in the game. Or maybe just make tumble less effective in pk. While Im at it, i think ripping hp/mana/mv bonus gear sucks, just like ripping hr/dr gear cause it eliminates the players ability to really differentiate herself from other characters. All we got left is +5 eq. That's boring to me. nuff said for now Shadae |U6

From: Huginn Tuesday, January 23 2001, 10:57PM I disagree, a dex character is supposed to be able to avoid damage, and hit fairly consistently. IMO the problem is that they're actually hitting too hard, and not taking enough damage when they do actually get tagged with things like bash since they can still parry while sitting. The only thing I think is wrong about tumble is that you can still do it while blind. As for the hp/mana/mv change, having the old items didn't let someone "differeniate herself from other characters", it let someone mimic the abilities of others without really paying for them. I can see how that will be missed, but frankly I'll be glad to see it go. There shouldn't be a "must have" set of equipment. Huginn |U6

From: Craven Tuesday, January 23 2001, 11:06PM it wouldn't have been so bad if they didn't give so much so cheaply. for example, if the herne had been 5 strength and 6 damroll, that wouldn't have been so bad if 100 strength gave 50 or 60 damroll. but thats just proportions, same would be true if the horn had just been 2 or something |U6

From: Testboy Wednesday, January 24 2001, 12:06AM You see nothing wrong with a totally random automatic skill that determines whether you win or lose a fight 90% of the time? The difference in damage dealt or taken varies way too much due to this skill. |U6

From: McDonald Wednesday, January 24 2001, 02:51AM There is no such thing as must have eq. Secondly, damroll and hitroll has been used in muds for ages. Taking it out is just admitting you can't fix the mud's balance issues as far as I'm concerned. |U6

From: Vampyr Wednesday, January 24 2001, 05:49PM |U6

From: Lancelot Wednesday, January 24 2001, 09:41PM I agree with McD. The equ has been in all muds And was in this mud for years and only now its a porb errr Problem |U6

From: Huginn Friday, January 26 2001, 03:35PM There's no such thing as must have equipment? When sancs were in, how many of your 50th level characters didn't have them? How many of your pkill characters didn't have them? How many 50th level characters didn't use things like herne's horns? There may not have been 1 piece of equipment (since sancs) that almost everyone used, but for the majority of players, I'll bet you that most people used more than 1 item that boosted hps/dam/hitroll. They used them if they were pkillers because not doing so meant losing fights. As for the point that this stuff has been around for a long time.. yes, some of it has.. but as more and more areas are added, each having the potential of some more +whatever equipment, it becomes a larger and larger problem. When someone could use two herne's horns, they could get part of a str fighter's damage roll.. when they're using 2 herne's 2 brine etc then that's more of a problem. Huginn |U6

From: McDonald Friday, January 26 2001, 04:07PM I disagree a bit here. Only reason sanc rings were must have was because they had basically a spell effect on them that was permanent. Of course that will benefit people, but no not everyone used them cuz not everyone could rent them. Its a builders job and imms in general not to put things in that unbalance things. Now if you want to say that since you guys screwed up so much over the years that now you have to remove it all thats fine I guess, but its the fault of the people managing the game that things were let to get out of balance. If in fact that is true. Horns been around a while, dont think they imbalance too much. First off if a str fighter isn't using them they should be. Not because its must have, but what else would a str fighter be holding. Its the best str held in the game. Where I think you started to mess up, and was talking about this on chat today too. Is putting hp gear on things that aren't con. At the very least if someone wants to use a con item, they should not be allowed to benefit with having str or dex or anything else on the item but con. A lot of people are talking how con fighters will have huge hp if they use hp gear. Well thats kinda silly. Con fighters have a lot of hp anyway, especially with the new change. Con fighters should never have to wear a dex piece of eq in order to get more hp. It should be con only, because you know what? Snipers and dex etc, will still get the most benefit out of hp gear. If they choose to wear it, it should at least not be one of their regular eq choices. Like say 5 dex head item 50 hp. Or something silly such as that. They should have to pay a penalty for wearing it, at minimum having to swap around some eq slots a bit. If you wear every hp piece of eq in the game. Say their were 5 then you should have a min of 25 con out of that too. Now that WOULD lessen the problem, and make con people the ones with the hp. In a classless system, everyone is gonna have access to the same benefits, so things will be hard to balance somewhat. The least you can do is make the benefits extremely logical. Otherwise you risk having to say, well we been putting this hp/damroll crud in the game for so long we screwed up and we can't balance things without just ripping it out :) Now this is just my opinion, but please answer this question for me. If every damroll gear was str, and every hitroll dex, and every hp gear con. How could a dex str or con fighter make the arguement that they are getting screwed by someone using a piece of eq out of their class. A dex fighter using a horn for instance. The only way I could see it happening is if the str fighter argued well I have 100 str without horns so it messes me up. If you are a str fighter I don't think you can very well make the arguement that you choosing not to use the best str items in game is anyones fault but your own. I think there is a difference in MUST have eq like sanc rings and the best eq in game for YOUR stat. |U6


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