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Posted by Harkonnen on 01/31

Since everyone has more HP and more mana, is it possible to up the amount create healing roots actually heal? Maybe even scale it to mind - we can eat about 10 or 11 roots, but if at 100 mind they healed like cure crit it would be fairer. -Baron Harkonnen |U6

From: Dashiva Sunday, January 28 2001, 06:43PM you cant scale it to mind, then you have 100 con mages with cure criting roots while us already weak snipers with 400hp have 10hp roots cuz we have 50 mind? that would really whack things out of balace |U6

From: Sandra Sunday, January 28 2001, 09:15PM I agree that scaling it to mind wouldn't work. Create healing is a 2nd circle spell, and as such, should not be as good as cure critical. However, I do not agree that someone with 50 mind should be able to cast that spell as well as someone with 100. If you want to be a half mage, you should pay a price for your limited intelligence. -Sandra |U6

From: Scream Sunday, January 28 2001, 10:36PM If your not gonna up create roots, how about make a new healing spell for 3rd circles. The way roots is now I can only eat 10 at 30hp each thats 300hps. And no more self created healing A augmenter or a cause mage can out heal by WAY more OR just make roots less filling |U6

From: Zeppelin Monday, January 29 2001, 12:36AM -nod sandra- what do you suggest? perhaps if the roots had a more limited range. right now cure light, for example with say 60 mind heals 10 or 11 every cast, whereas roots could be 11 hp or 45 hp (most often close to the 11 hp) - but they still fill you up the same. what if the roots healed: ((mind /4) + 15) with a range of +/- 2 so at 100 mind you can eat 10 x 40hp worth which is way less than a 3c cause mage can heal AND at 50 mind you'd get 10 x 27hp or about 270 hp (approx the amount running to a few healing rooms would get you). just a thought |U6

From: Testboy Monday, January 29 2001, 01:16AM You do pay the price for having lower int.. You have less mana with which to heal yourself. Just happens that roots are messed up by being limited to hunger. Get rid of that limitation, make them poof quicker and balance the mana cost with cure crit. |U6

From: Skar Monday, January 29 2001, 12:00PM How about a tapeworm spell for 3c create mages? Something that 2c mages can't use that would allow you to eat more. With such a spell, you wouldn't have to change roots and you could make the mana cost of the tapeworm great enough to make sure it's balanced. Say 60-70 mana to empty your belly? |U6

From: Huginn Monday, January 29 2001, 06:00PM Or put an X pulse lag on eating and drinking. :-) One of the main problems isn't that roots are transportable and preppable.. its that they take no additional time to consume.. you go from 100->300 hps in a pulse. I wouldn't mind seeing a change as long as the "instant" factor was removed. Huginn |U6

From: Ming Monday, January 29 2001, 09:57PM i like the tapeworm idea, but it should NOT be 3c it SHOULD be 2c if you do not change roots. why? because, there ARE 90-100 mind 2c create mage - trust me i know of at least 2 or 3 for sure. but what i was thinking was a spell that is 25 mana and makes you just a 'bit' hungrier, enough to eat 1 more healing root. and this spell would have normal single fight round lag, so it gets rid of Huggin's issue with istant healing. 10 roots is only like 200-250 hp, which now is pretty small to go from starving to full when 3c cause mages can now heal upwards of 700+ hp. -Ming |U6

From: Skar Tuesday, January 30 2001, 04:48PM The reason i'd limit the tapeworm to 3c is because people want the 3c mages to have an advantage in healing somehow. |U6

From: Ming Wednesday, January 31 2001, 08:47AM maybe have both versions of the 'tapeworm' spell, one for 2c that makes you a tiny bit hungry, and one for 3c that makes you back to starving but costs more mana and uses rudh? the point is that if you high mind (2c or 3c) you should get SOME healing bonus. on a side note i would really like to see the randomness and large range that roots heal cut back. cure crit is like +/- 2 whereas chant kere drva vant ex are +/- 18 or more -Ming |U6


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