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Posted by Poetry on 09/19

If you search the archives of discussion boards, you will see a post by a little known character of mine that no longer exists called Odecova.

That post suggested a number of things we can do to keep snipers "the hitters of legend" and just overall, fun and playable. We were coming out of dexmud where perc had a HUGE roll in the dodge skill. I suggested that we simply offer some extra hitroll bonus for people with high perc. It seemed like a good idea then:).

So here are some new ones.. maybe someone will like one. Some were in that orginal post 3 years ago (4 maybe?):

1. Lets give snipers a 6th sense that can detect when people try to hunt them. Base its success on perc! We can also give them a chance to notice that there is someone invisible in the room. It shouldnt disclose the name of the inviz person, but should give an indication that SOMEBODY is milling about!

2. Mages... snipers shoot faster when not wielding a weapon right? Lets give an advantage to CHANT... making weaponless mages chant faster. I love Skar's idea on making spirit a component in determining mana. Only I think that high spirit mages should get EXTRA mana! I want to see 100 mind 100 spirit mages with 1000 mana, and FAST immolates but no weapon. Creates too, with armys of VERY powerful charmies... spirit should play a big role in charmies... contributing to the power of the weaponless mage.

Right now, fighter mages are full mages. We should make it that FULL mages dont bother with weapons. That makes characters like me only half mages with less mana, lame charmies (at least no change is needed there.... haha).

If you like the idea, then you could start thinking up loads of fun stuff. Longer spell durations, better success rates, REAL mages. We should also make the effect of wielding a weapon GRADUALLY wear off so that mages cant spam weapons.

I gotta say, I think the perc hitroll change will probably fix dex vs str. As a mage, I never really did overly well against full fighters. Varnel managed to damagecap more than once on a bash against my 100dex and basic parry.

Full fighters with LOTS of hit and damage do just fine... its the half fighter, half mage with like 10 hitroll types that really do all the complaining. Crippling heavy dex weapons will help too. Make them 2 net tops.... I know you are all going to hate me for this, but its the heavy dex weapons combined with high perc that really whack things. I used a light dagger with a sniper (Dune) for a long time, and it doesnt do nearly the damage that a 8kg dagger does.

Anyway, I have more ideas too, but I dont want to overwhelm the commonfolk with my superior intellect.


From: Jiriki Tuesday, September 18 2001, 03:24PM

IAs one alt or another (I forget who I was at the time) I have already idea'd the detect hunt thing....so only time will tell on that one....i do happen to like the other ideas tho.

- Jiriki's player

From: Selig Tuesday, September 18 2001, 09:44PM

I disagree with your point about half fighter/mages being the ones that do all the complaining. The way I see it, the characters that combine different classes, be they sniper aiders, battle druids, or half mages, do the best. There needs to be more bonuses and incentives for mages, fighters, snipers, druids, and surgeons to specialize in their respective fields.

From: Archaon Wednesday, September 19 2001, 01:43AM

Also i really DISLIKE your sniper ideas, sure they great and all, but as you said dex already has a big advantage, so why not give a boost to con or str people instead.

I fail to see the logic in increasing the imbalance in this already imbalanced system. The mage ideas sound fine though as they dont already have HUGE advantages, and as you said they are usually a cross between somthing, not pure mage.

Well thats what i think anyway!



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