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Posted by Craven on 09/21

Just wondering if its at all possible for you to tell us the strength's and weaknesses of these new elementals. I realize you want us to explore and figure things out ourself, but this is an almost impossible task. I would literally have to spend hours making elementals, getting them killed, and trying to see if anything happened out of the ordinary. If its resists, I can almost guarentee we'll never figure them out since with the randomness of damage here you can't really tell.

Also since apperently your looking into earthquake and making it attack people now, which is fine, is it possible to make it do something? I would personally LOVE to use that spell, but as it stands its incredibly weak, especially when you consider that its 3rd circle.

Anyway, thats it, the rest of the changes look fine, I hope my homo's don't have 40 mv again, but you said you fixed that, so we'll see :)

- Craven, just trying to make this a better place, I swear it!

From: Rufus Friday, September 21 2001, 11:39PM

Area of effect spells will be getting some tweaking in the near future.



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