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Create Healing Balm

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Posted by Israfel on 10/02

The new create healing is quite nice if you have the time to sit around and wait for it to take effect. In pk, there usually isn't the time to do that, barring being annoying and running to a safe room - wait! I have to wait for my balm to work!

Will this issue be addressed, or was effectively taking pk healing away from all pure (no augment) creates intended?


From: Craven Friday, September 28 2001, 07:58PM

Any chance I can either go cause or turn in my words since 2nd circle create is now worthless without con? Not that I expect it, but I figured I'd ask anyway before I give up magic.

From: Chanel Friday, September 28 2001, 10:14PM

-pshrug- i don't think it's that bad. roughly at 100 mind/40 con, you get 40 hp per tick, standing or moving around, and 50 hp resting or meditating. I think it's a great change, and I agree it hurts create in pk. but I also think cure critical should be yanked from the game and thrown in the garbage. most effective cause mages fight like fighters, and use 700 mana to cure crit. so instead of complaining that create can't heal anymore, lets complain about cause healing as much as a 60 spirit druid.

Food For Thought, Create doesn't need upscaled, Cause needs downscaled.

- C H A N E L

From: Semirhage Saturday, September 29 2001, 12:02AM

I just tested this balm a bit after cooling down and am more upset then ever. I decided to test your theory that this is entirely based on mind, and the sad thing is, IT IS. 100 mind heals over twice as fast as 98. Does anyone else see how stupid this is? You can't force create to need 100's while the rest of the mud has almost equal skills with 90+. I don't think this is at all fair and honestly hope this was simply a bug that got through. Please fix this and maybe, MAYBE this spell will be worthwhile to anyone without 100 mind.

From: Boreas Saturday, September 29 2001, 01:18AM

I have to agree with Chanel, even as a cause mage. The only chars with effective healing should be _healers_. I'd miss cure crit tho


From: Stain Saturday, September 29 2001, 12:19PM

Personally, I like mind adjusted effect stuffs, and feel that the mana cost for cure crit justifys it's healing potentcy. Does suck, though, crippling create pkillers with pretty much no warning. Something might have been said, but the general reaction I got was one of supprise from clanned and non alike. Pretty major thing to have done of the blue.

From: Ea! Saturday, September 29 2001, 04:42PM

The effectiveness of the healing balm is not dependant on mind. As the help file says, the balm gets worse if it is not used immediately. I suspect that this is the effect that you're seeing, not the difference between 98 and 100 mind.


From: Ea! Saturday, September 29 2001, 05:15PM

Er, I'm sorry. I was wrong about what I said in the previous post about the difference between 100 and 98 mind. While the effect is based on how old the balm is, at the moment only 100 mind can get the full effect. I'll change the formula so that's not the case.


From: Be'lal Saturday, September 29 2001, 09:48PM

I appreciate you admitting your wrong, though i wish you would have tested what I said before hand :P I'm sorry if I seem angry but this change is nothing like what was expected and I still don't see how create can compete in pk. Other then that, I guess my only question is, will this fix ever go in? You wrote this 4 hours ago and we still haven't rebootd.

From: Rowane Sunday, September 30 2001, 01:17AM

I've done some testing for a midmage, so those info hounds who find this sort of thing helpfull can benfit.

Healing 227 hp without a vile vial of healing balm:
19 ticks Healing 227 hp with a vile vial of healing balm:
9 ticks Now I'm a midrange character, I don't have much in the way of maxed out stats. Here I heal a little better than 100% of my normal healing which in a word is slow as it is.

Now I could have sworn in the Q&A I heard something about compounded effects from taking more then one healing balm. Either my imagination has gone rampant again or this hasn't been put in yet. Thankfully I'm not an active pkiller because this would have killed me. But in order to be effective in even getting hurt by mobs I'd say at least up to 175% to 200% of a boost from your normal healing would be nice. Maybe starting off with only one balm would let you up your normal healing by 100% and each vial thereafter up to 200% would be more effective.

From: Rowane Sunday, September 30 2001, 03:37AM

Note that the both tests were done while I was meditating and always full. Just now I've done the sleeping test, to heal 227 hp while sleeping, full, and full of water: 6 ticks, not really much of an improvment from meditating and considering I couldn't drink from my chalice, it seems pointless for 3 ticks faster.

From: Tybalt Sunday, September 30 2001, 02:19PM

Now I'm no expert on this balm thing. But there is one thing that I think might be annoying.

I clanned char walks up to a nonclanned char and ask him for a balm The nonclanned char being nice put one on the clanned. Suddenly a 2nd clanned char attacks the 1st one.

Now is this pk interfearance? The 1st clanned char is in effect getting he healed by a nonclanned during the pk fight.

Just my wild and wacky thoughts


From: Rasputin Sunday, September 30 2001, 03:23PM

I think if combat initiates the effects of the balm should go away.

From: Skar Sunday, September 30 2001, 10:03PM

I tested the balm in combat with my doppel. I was using the detect illusion spell, so I was taking no other damage. Every tick, I logged my hp and calculated the healing during that tick.

Results, 16, 30, 22, 25, 22, 21 -- average of 22.67 hp per tick.

I've got 100 mind, which means that no balm is going to be more effective. I don't think that 22 hp per tick is going to seriously make much difference in most pk battles.

I don't think that combat should disable the balm.

From: Zandy Sunday, September 30 2001, 10:15PM

Just like roots, the balm has _potential_ to be abused, and cases will need to be individually assessed. If, for example, a pkok'd character gets a balm and gets jumped a tick or two later, there's not likely to be penalties. If a person gets a balm from a non-ok'd create, and then initiates pkill, it may well constitute interference. So, create mages... be careful who you give balms to... interference is still possible, and since force-AA is difficult, penalties may seem severe.


From: Skar Monday, October 01 2001, 09:14AM

Here's a thought -- not even something that I've worked through for myself, but I thought I'd toss it in.

What if the balm did a small amount of healing immediately, something about as useful as cure light, and then the healing multiplier was adjusted to compensate?

Characters could apply several balms to get an immediate heal, but the duration of the balm would not be cumulative. Whatever duration the last balm had, that's what you would be left with.

From: Lelu Monday, October 01 2001, 05:41PM

My thoughts on it is this. I think maybe balm should heal a set amount of hp over a set amount of time say for example 1 hp for every point in mind over one tick or not even ticks just over 30 mud mins. This way bleeding and poison would not affect it. Thus making it a bit more useable in pkill.


Again I'm no balm expert :P

From: Lelu Monday, October 01 2001, 05:43PM

Bah guess everyone knows who one of my alts is anyway :P

Lelu not Tyb :P

From: Sammael Monday, October 01 2001, 08:13PM

that was my idea freak, stop stealing it and posting it as your own! I have intellectual property rights!

Not really.

From: Kaeos Tuesday, October 02 2001, 02:44AM

I am Kaeos...I suck at pkill.

Make balm regen mana fast too.

That way, i can root, use balm, use chalice, and make poultices faster So that i can continue to not pk cause who cares

You are all l337

I am Kaeos...I suck at pkill.

From: Aquilante Tuesday, October 02 2001, 06:56PM

All right going back to the very first post.

This balm is useless in pkill...crippling one type of character...

the half mage (and I happen to be one of those). Now hurts also somewhat in pkilling the full create mage but at least they have the chance to try to avoid damage and dealing it by using army of charmies, so maybe there it may balance out (but more probably not).

So I dare say that this change upset profoundly the pkill balance. Does it finish there though? No, the create mage was already the most powerful mobkiller in the mud, with this change is even more so, is great change for any create nobkiller out there (and i have some charcater like that), but I always thought that this MUD was somewhat balanced. With this change a class of charcater has been completely weakened for pkill and incredibly fortified for mobkilling.

So I have just a question..was that the intent of the implementors?

So long...



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