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Posted by Hrath on 10/13

recently I looked into the possibility of adding gagchannel on channel socials. and while doing so, a few questions came to mind

should channelgag lists also affect whether you see socials -towards- people on them?

A gagchannels B, C beeps B on the nose, and A sees this because it's not an act of B.

it is possible to make it not show up. question is, is that what is wanted

an example where this might be useful.

JokeMaster enters the game, starts spamming channels copy pasting jokes from some joke-archive.

LeaveMeAlone gets tired of it, but wants to be able to communicate with people on channels.

LeaveMeAlone gagchannels JokeMaster.

but LeaveMeAlone will either have to A) turn off channels B) gagchannel every person who spams eg. "chat laugh jokemaster" this would not stop people from commenting on other people's messages but perhaps cut down the "spam" for those who don't want to see it

the bottom of the line would probably be something like: is gagchannel supposed to be "I want to ignore X's existance on channels" or "I want to ignore messages on channels originating from X" ? thoughts, ideas?

/Hrath, currently breaking channels

From: Rikimaru Wednesday, October 03 2001, 11:24AM

oh good, idea, quick, someone get him working on something more useful the -then- channels!

From: Craven Wednesday, October 03 2001, 12:06PM

I have to agree, I'm not really worried about channels :)

From: Mitsukake Wednesday, October 03 2001, 12:34PM

Dont be jerks to the new guy, or he will code mobs to slay pkillers And cmon, You thinks hes gonna be like, taking over skilltrees on his first week? What job did you ever start that needed no pick on the new guy time?

From: Murdoch Wednesday, October 03 2001, 01:44PM

well, if we wanted zero spam on channels, we'd just turn it off. I think it's fine the way it is, with one exception. people talking on channels to those I have channelgagged seem quite insane, talking to themselves all the time.

If you really want to do something neat, give us the -option- of not seeing socials on channels at all.

From: Murdoch Wednesday, October 03 2001, 01:46PM

lemme add to that. while I DO like socials on channels, they do get pretty anoying at times.

From: Aquilante Wednesday, October 03 2001, 01:56PM

I like how the new immortal asked our opininio here so I will agree with Mitsu on giving him a break...

If i want somebody ignored on channel i guess I wouldn't see it all, but also the option of just ignoring message starting from him is fine by me

From: Hrath Wednesday, October 03 2001, 02:01PM

mostly this post was intended to address the issue whether you will see socials towards people in your gagchannel list since you already ignore things from them.

hence my "do you consider a channel gag ignoring what a person on channels, or do you consider it ignoring they are there"

/Hrath, still breaking channels

From: Tybalt Wednesday, October 03 2001, 04:17PM

I think it should only gag things originated from the gagged person Yep I like this post short and sweet


From: Rikimaru Wednesday, October 03 2001, 05:47PM

i was complimenting him on having a good idea and was implying to the REST of the staff to get thier heads outta their butts and get this guy on somethin better then channels

From: Kae Wednesday, October 03 2001, 06:19PM

I don't want to see the changagged person at all. No spam from him, no spam to him -- and no spam about him, but that'd be dang hard to code. :)

-Darth Kae.

From: Tobias Wednesday, October 03 2001, 07:06PM

I think that ignoring socials to people you have gagged is a good idea. If you're ignoring one person's actions, you're probably gonna want to ignore reactions to their stuff ^_-


From: Elisa Wednesday, October 03 2001, 07:30PM

I would like to have the ability to toggle off ALL socials on channels. Normally, I like them, but at times it gets a little out of hand, especially when people are showing off their strings (and have you noticed that the strings that get spammed on channels the most are the least clever ones?)

On the issue of seeing actions directed toward somebody you have gagged, I don't find it necessary to gag this as well. It doesn't really bother me just to see the name of a person I don't want to hear from. If anything, it'll let me know that there is somebody there that I have gagged, thus I know there is a legitimate reason for the conversation going over my head, other than the obvious which you are all thinking. And Hrath, if you are looking for a small coding project, could you make is so that when I have a bag in my hand, and somebody has left a bag on the ground, I can use the bag in my hand?

The Incorrigible Elisa

From: Hrath Wednesday, October 03 2001, 08:52PM

this question popped while I was looking at one of the things listed on the todo

if you have things you wish the coding dept to add I'd suggest you use the regular channels, and a depthead, in this case Ea! will decide the urgency of the matter, or whether it is worth spending alot of time on with more stressing things on the todo.

/Hrath, still, still breaking channels.

From: Ganymede Wednesday, October 03 2001, 10:13PM

I think it's fine the way it is. Gagging someone is one thing, but if we feel the need to gag every single instance of seeing that person's name, that's going a little far. Do we need a "gagwho" command as well where you don't ever have to be offended by seeing their name on the who list? :P

Ganymede et al.

From: Lelldorin Thursday, October 04 2001, 07:08AM

I'd like the option of blocking out directed socials at channelgagged people, I fly into a murderous rage whenever one is directed at one of the 32 people i've channel gagged =p

From: Craven Thursday, October 04 2001, 08:01AM

maybe you shouldn't have people channelgagged.

From: Elisa Thursday, October 04 2001, 05:06PM

-sneakily steals Lellie's changag list-

-gives slurpy kisses to everyone on list, on all channels-

-runs away-

From: Zelda Thursday, October 04 2001, 05:16PM

I don't think it should automatically gag socials towards the gagged person, but it would be nice to have the option to do that. Or perhaps a toggle to say whether channelgag will gag socials towards the gagged person or not ;)

When you gag somebody, you don't want to see responses to that person beca the responses make no sense. Thats why channelgag is not as effective as gagging tells. If you can gag socials towards that person, its a small improvement.

From: Logain Sunday, October 07 2001, 12:01AM

ZMud (and other clients I suppose) have a similar option built in. you type #gag name and ANY sentence (including the who/whos list) containing that name gets gagged

basically the trigger works like this:

pattern is the name
action is gag

From: Jade Saturday, October 13 2001, 11:15PM

what I would like to do, is ignore all socials directed at myself on channels.


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