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Idea for ooc RP room

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Posted by Elisa on 10/13

I believe that we need an RP room in the ooc area. It would be something akin to the war room, a gathering place and site for a permanent board, except related to RP matters instead of PK. People could use the board to discuss a variety of topics relating to rp, but in an ooc matter, to advertise your rp and find others to rp with, and to report rp that you see others doing (hopefully mostly when it is good).

We are encouraged to report what rp we see to the LT, but most rp goes unreported and unknown except to those who were there. I think this is because writing a story for the LT feels more formal than simply posting on a board. Most rp things that get in the LT are major events, rather than everyday occurrences, and few characters bother to send in a background story. I would be far more likely to post on a board when I meet somebody new who I think is particularly interesting, or happen to observe (no, I'm not spying) a chance encounter between others, than to write a story about it.

An RP room will encourage RP on legend in two major ways. First, it will help bring the community of rp'ers together, by providing a forum where we can know who else is out there and what they are up to. Second, the chance of having one's rp posted and remarked on, should encourage those who do rp, to do so more consistently.

The Incorrigible Elisa

From: DoctorBob Saturday, October 06 2001, 10:16PM

On the one hand, sounds like a good idea, on the other hand Does the warboard encourage people to pk?

From: Chaykin Saturday, October 06 2001, 11:56PM

I think pk is blah in spite of there being a war board, not because it doesn't work. Pk's problems go a lot deeper than anything a board can fix, but I think an RP board and a room in the OOC might just help out. It's a good idea.


From: Jiriki Sunday, October 07 2001, 09:27AM

Yes, i must agree...a room for RP would be good for messages and ideas not only for RP between individuals but between clans as well. Sometimes it is difficult to get ahold of your GM or other members to find out how your clan handles others or how they handle you. At the least the PK board lets others know when a good sized war is starting and i feel the RP board could be used in a similar (not the same since many RP clans dont pkil) manner.

- Jiriki's player

From: Kaine Monday, October 08 2001, 04:41AM

I like the idea and I think I would use an RP board.

Preacher Kaine

From: Kae Monday, October 08 2001, 07:27AM

A sorts of RP resource / discussion board is actually planned for the OOC library update which will happen at some point or other.

--Darth Kae

From: Rowane Tuesday, October 09 2001, 04:35PM

How about sooner rather then later. I'm seeing this RP board being like that Yahoo legend club page. That legendmud page was great, until it turned into a spot where people could find out if the server crashed. This board will be closer to home and I can totally see it being put to good use.

From: LadyAce Thursday, October 11 2001, 11:18PM

This all sounds reasonable to me -- I'm in 'read-only' mode right now -- and will respond at more depth later. Please keep adding/commenting with your thoughts on how this might be accomplished!


From: Lachesis Saturday, October 13 2001, 05:09AM

That's a great idea, Elisa! I agree with Kaine, and would also use a RP board. There's so many things happening daily that others miss out on, merely because they weren't around and such. I wish there was a board for when Malicious was prego with triplets. I had -no clue- what was going on then. Maybe this could be avoided with a board.

-cheer elisa-


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