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Posted by Ryan on 10/19

This idea seems oddly familiar...

Either I mentioned it in a response to someone else's post, or I maybe even posted it myself My memory isn't what it used to be, so if you've read this before, please forgive me.

Alright, that said.... Zip strings and furniture.

What if we had fairly above-average automated mobs that could build custom made furniture or fashion personal zip strings? First, the furniture.

There seems to be a somewhat limited supply of interesting furniture available for player housing/clanhalls.

Could a mob be made that would ask what type of furniture you wanted (aka is it sit-able) and based on your response, could create something for you? Then he asks (or she, I suppose) what you want it to look like (for example you respond 'A giant plastic eggshell chair) Or whatever tickles you, and the mob would then create you a custom-made, usable peice of furniture... The cost could be set higher than the typical item, of course...

The same type of thing might be made for dispersing zip strings. Need a last minute wedding gift for you buddie? Swing by this mob's shop, and you can get that Cappucino Machine he's been pestering you for. Now, I'm sure your thinking... Yea, but people would abuse and get inappropriate stuff made. (im not going to give an example, you can think of something yourself) Well, maybe have the mob make a log of all zips handed out, then an Imm could check that list weekly or something. If a questionable item appears, it is deleted. I realize that this system would take someone (not me, thankfully) some time, but I honestly can't image it taking that long... Anyway, just an idea.

-Ryan Tarrant.

From: Tercei Thursday, October 18 2001, 12:19AM

sounds like a hood idea...i have thought for years that there should be mobs for these types of things, -i think they could be used for all types of strings- but every time i mention it my player gets flamed, so maybe a more well liked player may have better luck

From: Ryan Thursday, October 18 2001, 01:31PM

I'm well liked? Aww... Shucks...

From: Darla Friday, October 19 2001, 09:26PM

Perhaps as a compromise, we could have some custom made furniture, within certain specs. Like the mob would ask if we want a coffee table, small table, or dining table, and in walnut, oak, or ebony... That sort of thing. And also, there could be options for engravers.


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