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Posted by Akai_Hayate on 10/22

Well, unless gagchannel has the ability to hit more than 36 people -peer stupid repud limits- im about to run outta space, so can we just make this simple and code a gagchannel command that hits anyone not accept all?

From: Puck Sunday, October 21 2001, 10:25PM

An easier solution would to just create a pk channel, although the imms ha always been against this. It'd be nice to reiterate the reason again -- I can't quite recall it.

From: Akai_Hayate Monday, October 22 2001, 08:17AM

I can guess the reason, blah blah we dont want to seperate our community like that, blah blah.

Or, blah blah we dont want people to think we are treating pkillers better blah blah :P But on that point, Rpers have the gossip channel, which even if it wasnt meant to be, is basically just for them, since you can use yer desc on it, most of them blather on it 24/7.

And if we got a pkill channel (which sounds better than gag, barely) People wouldnt have to listen to pkill whining, arguments etc, tho I hardly see how, info good fight. Is whining, but whatever.

Btw, since I am sure it sounds like ima just ventin frustrations on this board, well, I am, but the pkillers of legend still demand thier own channel! And we are all prepared to boycott till we get what we want!

From: Rudolf Monday, October 22 2001, 08:30AM

Heh. If pkok wasn't enough reason for pkillers to boycott, I doubt they're going to leave because they still don't have a pk channel.

Still, maybe a boycott would work. You go first. :)

From: Darla Monday, October 22 2001, 05:42PM

I absolutely agree that there should be a pk channel. I doubt that it would divide the community. If anything, it would reduce contention between those who whine about pk and those who don't want to hear it ;) And while adding channels, how about karaoke too?

From: Ramius Monday, October 22 2001, 07:47PM

I hate to break it to people, but the community is already pretty well divided between people who pk and people who don't. A channel won't make a lick of difference in that regard.


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