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Posted by Frankie on 10/30

Just a suggestion on the PKOK front - I've heard a lot of people claim system abuses in the current PKOK system - here's a solution that would keep PKOK in effectively as is, but perhaps make some more people happy. I recommend a variant of accept all, something that accepts all accept alls. That would allow aa's to not worry about people accepting only them, etc., while at the same time wouldn't seriously disrupt the PKOK system as it is now. Simply put, have accept alls only be able to be fought by other accept alls.

It's already got a check to put the - by their name in the who list, so it shouldn't take up much more processor power doing a check for aa/aa pk only. An alternative would be, as I'm sure not all aa's want to only fight other aa's, is that this is a separate option than plan AA.

From: Stain Monday, October 22 2001, 09:38PM

The momment you said 'pkok system' and 'effective' in the same sentance, you lost all credability.

From: Chaykin Wednesday, October 24 2001, 09:09PM

This idea was suggested several times as a solution to the problem, and dismissed by the immorts each time. The reason seems to be that they expect us to fix the problems with pkok ourselves, as near as I can tell.

I have always thought and continue to think it's a good solution, but on the flipside, it seems to me that the more complicated the pk system becomes due to its various flaws and the fixes to them, the sillier things get. We don't need an elaborate system of accepts to have a good pk system that prevents harassment, but since harassment is an issue with pkok and pkok is here to stay, the option you mention still sounds like a good solution to me.


From: Zandy Wednesday, October 24 2001, 11:01PM

Personally, I'm interested in seeing this fleshed out a little... I'm not saying it's an option, but there's always more to a pk system than just who can attack who.

can non-aa's assist in the fighting? can non-aa's heal the aa's that are fighting? what do we do when a non-aa buffs their aa friend before a fight with another aa? How do we deal with things that happen between two aa's and then get taken up between two alts that are just pkok'd but not in the new super-aa structure. When s super-aa loots another super-aa, can they give that equipment away?

I don't think it's just that the immorts have dismissed this as a bad idea, but you've only got the concept, and there's a world of difference between concept and application. I, personally, am going to want to avoid anything that is going to make admin significantly more involved for a small portion of our players, so explain to me why this solves a problem. I recognize that it's 'different.' but I don't see that it solves more problems than it creates. Elaborate for me.

Please? I'm not trying to be smarmy, and I DO like the concept, but I fear it's one fraught with peril.



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