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Posted by Archaon on 10/22

Now I know that this will probably not get changed or anything, and i'll probably get a whole load of crap thrown at me for saying this, but i'll say it anyway.

I think that the multiplaying rules need to be updated. as i think it would be a nice idea to be able to log more than one character in at once, sure keep the rules that one character cannot help another one but being able to play two or more at once could be useful. I mean all this guy has been doing lately is either chatting around or money running, and since that got rather boring rather quickly, one starts alting.

So basically what id like to suggest is to be able to play more than one character, but that they are still owned by the player and so no help from one can go to the second.

Well thats what i'm thinkin at some stupid hr before i go to bed, so if you dont understand this then that is why...


From: Cheyla Monday, October 22 2001, 10:39AM

I think this would only serve to create more confusion than already exists with regards to the multiplay rules and encourage people to swap equipment... in addition to making it more difficult for us to catch people breaking the rule that you can't help one of your characters with another.



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