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Posted by Lancelot on 10/23

Would it be possible to put recalltag back in the game? I know HOL is gone and so is the tag zone but can one of the builders make a new recalltag zone and stuff?

I miss that game and since it was like one of the best games on this mud please put if back in. thanks


From: LadyAce Tuesday, October 23 2001, 10:56PM

The current plan is to put together a system whereby recalltag can be played from any reasonable area in the game -- no special zone or area, allowing lots of variation in the gameplay. This has been on our to-do list for a while, and recently Sandra made it her 'PR Project' -- very exciting!

It's been mentioned a touch in Q & A (do a search on the web pages to see any other comments made on this topic.)



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