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Posted by Akai_Hayate on 10/26

How about a level 40 minimum req for AA, this would bring the bubbling couldron of rage that is fillen in me, everytime I see 4 level 20 aas on, down to a mere simmering vial of hate. And it would totally fix the problem of low level surgeons.

From: Darky Wednesday, October 24 2001, 06:39PM

I don't agree with akai often, but for once this shining genius of a idea really got to me that is the best thing he's ever said! EVER! honestly! -beam akai-

From: Rikimaru Thursday, October 25 2001, 11:41AM

but wouldn't that be so un-old stylish, besides worrying about low level surgeons is why you keep low level friends =D

From: Rudolf Thursday, October 25 2001, 02:24PM

Why not just reserve AA for level 50? That's what the result would be. Why should anyone turn on AA at level 40? There are no other AA below them, only AA above them. For their own protection, people would think twice before doing this.

From: Sasha Thursday, October 25 2001, 05:06PM

if you're worried about low level healers, you might make healing bound by the 10 level restriction.

From: Akai_Hayate Friday, October 26 2001, 12:49PM

Let me explain, level 40 req because my AA mage is level 46, and I dont want to level him, level 40 req not just 10 level range for healing because, if the 40 req didnt happen, the level limit on healing would just screw pk over even more, its gotta be all or nothing, you cant imp the bad part and leave out the good part, then say, why are you crying? plus, i have a level 32 aa surgeon :P


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