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Thoughts on the recent admin bashing

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Posted by Izikiel on 10/26

I've been reading this board a lot quite recently and now I've decided to speak up for them. Therefore I've composed a little text and put it online, flames and objective comments are welcome at all times of day URL: http://perlpimp.dk/bonzai-admins/

Thats my two cents and a pointer to some loose memory space


From: Craven Friday, October 26 2001, 09:40AM

Your missing the point. I'm not critisizing their job as you seem to think I am. They can warn all day long for whatever reasons, its been shown to me they all tend to follow their own rules which BASICLY coincide with the real rules. I'm merely asking WHY do we have them in the first place? Your webpage isn't really about this issue, as the type of admin your talking about is actually kaige, who I think does a fine job at adminstrating. The admins here are simply cops who roam around looking for evil doers and acting as lawyers interpreting the rules.

My question was, why do we have them if ALL the other imms can do the exact same thing. I also stated in the end it doesn't matter, its not like we have overhead and are wasting money here, it simply seems silly to me to have these people doing nothing but looking for people swearing on chat and people multiplaying when in reality EVERY imm logged on is doing the same thing. I suggested that if you need the lawyer aspect so bad to give them a special title, much like rufus, in which all they do is sit around interpretting the rules. I don't see the necessity of 5 or 10 or however many admins we have to do that, but again, maybe I'm wrong. Your post was good, but on the whole I don't think it apply's to the simple question I asked. I know exactly what you mean, and agree that the people in power who are forced to exert their power in a negative way tend to get dumped on in all of society. But again, I can't stress enough that the post was never about that, but was about the "usefullness" of the admin department as a whole.

- David, the player

From: Izikiel Friday, October 26 2001, 09:53AM

Well if you look at the simple question, the answer is simple:

When there are a designated admingroup, this group of people have one thing in life they need to take care of, namely administration

If we had the role of administration flowing around as a thing that every imm took care of, the organisation would be so flat that when you send out a request, or need to make sure that the job is done. Everybody might think, well I've got other stuff I need to attend to, and not pay attention to the general assignent (eg administration in this example)

I see this very often at companies it visit. And an simple example would be that when the boss sends an email with eg a bugreport. And has multiple persons in the to line. Everybody tends to just discard the message and think:"I bed X is going to do this, instead of me". And the jobs doesn't get done.


So therefore there is only one way to solve this

- Make a designated taskforce that deals with that specifik kind of bugreports from that boss

If you can draw the parallels yourself, I'm sure you understand my reason for truely understanding the need for an admin dept.

My two cents and some more leaking memoryspace -cackle-


From: Kaige Friday, October 26 2001, 04:15PM

Another reason to have the admins, is that the department heads and I do not have all the time in the world to do all the administrating. This includes digging people out of the archived purges, checking on forgotten passwords, trying to help figure out why you suddenly have no equipment and if you were overrent in the save logs, to clarify helpfiles so all the immorts don't get asked the same questions over and over again, and all the other little tasks that they do both online and offline that help keep this place running smoothly.

Thanks for the kudos, but it's not all my doing.



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