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Posted by Lelldorin on 11/04

Coupons, houses and rent is all about it. Here's some ideas:

- Increase the prices of basic items sold by shopkeepers by five or more times, such as food, drink, bandages etc.

- Reduce the weight of gold by as many times. If in realistic terms this is not viable, change the dominant mud currency to dollar-money.

- (Keep the coinage of mobs the same.)

- Have banker-shopkeepers sell nett 5stat (or at least worth using) equipment. General pricing (with stats, rent and specials considered) and items offered should be balanced in that eq-getters won't leave the stores empty, nor shopkeepers destroying the eq-getters' business which is a mud economy driving force too

- Open up more ways to earn money, such as redo-able quests with a substantial payoff (ie delivering/collecting things for someone to/from random parts of the mud), a betting arena/casino/gambling den in one of the less frequented areas (might potentially be the next Tara/Stag)

- Slightly increase the availability of coupons and prize strings, such as more games (hunts, trivia, tourneys, plots), more showers etc.

- To make coupons and such less desirable, introduce more 'engravers' like the one in existence, with more choices of designs, or a limited form of free design and no you didn't guess it, high prices for their services. It might sound contradictory to the above point, but the idea is to create a more diverse economy.

To add to that, some of the suggestions also promotes mud exploration. Okie that's all byebyes.

From: Mariachi Saturday, November 03 2001, 04:54PM

What's wrong with the mud economy as is?

-poke mud stock market-

seem stable to me.

From: Dae Saturday, November 03 2001, 05:58PM

those are some intresting ideas, lelldorin, I like your way of thinking, mabye this will help boost/stimulate our economy and I think there is 3 engravers =)

-Dae Woo

From: Elisa Sunday, November 04 2001, 12:08AM

I like the ideas for more quests for earning money--the current ones don't pay off very much relative to the current economy. Also, I like making money lighter. People who have neither the ability to create porters, nor the strength to carry lots of items/gold often have difficulty money running, and certain alignment quests are near impossible without help. I remember there being something about most shopkeepers doing a direct withdrawal for large purchases, but I never could get them to do it. That would help.

Also, it always bugged me that bankers charge us to withdraw money, but we don't get to collect any interest. It would stimulate the economy to have some way of accruing interest, but it would have to be done in such a way to prevent people hanging around ooc just to earn money.

From: Wraith Sunday, November 04 2001, 10:51AM

If you decrease the weight of gold, won't that just make it that much easier to obtain and deflate its value requiring the prices of everything to go up even more?

- Wraith

From: Chaykin Sunday, November 04 2001, 06:02PM

Not really. The same amount of money would still be available to us, it would just require fewer trips back and forth to the bank to deposit it all.


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