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Posted by Jade on 11/15

ok, here's the basic idea, which would be great for healers on big runs, and to help cut down lag in general.

a fight type that shows only damage messages, not all the you attack ten gazillion times stuff.


Jade rips you to shreds with her bludgeon.
You barely pierce Jade.

only that. not to knock fight type none, but it's just too wierd to use for me, I think this would go over a hell of a lot better.

- Jade!

From: Fear Wednesday, November 14 2001, 10:06AM

it'd also need to give the opponents health message, on second thought. so three total lines..

Fear pierces you extremely hard.
You rip Fear to shreds with your amazing slash!
Fear is leaking guts.

-nod self-

From: Zafira Thursday, November 15 2001, 05:59PM

I'd like even less:

Jade pierces Fear.
Fear slashes Jade.

In a big run, with 5 people hitting, and the mob possibly having multiple types of attacks, plus socials or spells every two pulses, it can be very difficult for a healer to scan and see who is getting hit. They don't need to be burdened with extraneous information.

From: Tritoch Thursday, November 15 2001, 10:29PM

yeah only ego maniacs need to know if they ripped or slashed hard and im sure the druid, tryin to see who to augment doesnt care :P people who wanna count damcaps can keep compact on! yeah or something


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