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Posted by Archaon on 11/18

I think that there should be a modification on the weapons that we use in this mud, atm we have: max dam, avg dam, quality, weight.

I think having a weapon length added would be interesting.

as if person 1 is attacking person 2 with a dagger and person 2 has a long sword then both of them are NOT going to be able to hit each other at the same time. or if they could then the damage delt would not be any where near as good as at the optimum range. to help control the range you could use wary or agg, with a long sword you would go wary, so you say toward the rear of the combat where you are most effective. with a dagger one would be full agg so they can get close.

Well its just an idea...


From: Stain Tuesday, November 13 2001, 11:31PM

sounds like a cool idea, kinda. You'd have to take into account attacks and stuff, though, and considering realism dosn't exactly fit in with the fight system it'd be hard to please folks, with so many differant takes on how stuff 'would work' or whatever. Like if your headbuttin' someone a longer weapon would be rendered rather ineffective considering how close you have to be to bump noggin's. I rather like the idea of the round after a backstab bein' wicked potent, though.

What I was sayin' is that while I think a 'longer' weapon like a staff would be less effective after a headbutt, others might say 'The target falls backwards so it puts you at the right range for top effectiveness'. Just sayin' it would probably cause loads of bitchin' and moanin', since even simple stuff people find way hard to agree on round' here. Cool idea but we got enough disagreement about 'realisim' as is.

From: Lancelot Wednesday, November 14 2001, 01:13AM

Round after a backstab be wicked potent? I dont think snipers need to be hitting harder then they already do. If anything they should be hitting weaker

From: Bic Wednesday, November 14 2001, 04:42PM

shutup, whiner

From: Zafira Thursday, November 15 2001, 06:03PM

I imagine a dex fighter, as a knife fighter or fencer, to be rapidly closing in with the opponent to strike, then dancing out of the way again. It doesn't seem that wary/agg can really handle that kind of manuevering. It would be good to take weapon length into account tho.

From: Skar Friday, November 16 2001, 02:44PM

Positional combat was a feature originally planned for skill trees, and would have behaved basically as you've described, if I remember correctly.

I doubt we'll see anything like it anytime soon. It's too bad. I think the planned version included attacking from behind, among other things. It would be quite cool.

From: Wraith Sunday, November 18 2001, 10:36AM

As Skar mentioned, positional, or spatial, combat was to be part of skill trees but it was decided to add it after skill trees was completed. Ideally, you would be able to move in or away and shift left or right. It would make combat much more complex. Facing would matter, weapon size + distance would be a factor, you would be able to use more skills if you backed far enough away (eg, make poultice) and you would be able to end combat without fighting to the death just by backing out of combat.

Some skills would be affected by position as well, but I don't believe there are any skills planned to improve how quickly you can move in combat.

Section 5.1 of the skills tree faq touches on spatial combat:


- Wraith


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