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Posted by Woe on 11/28

Has anybody else ever thought it would be good to be able to configure not to receive tells in general, but to still accept tells from specific people? I sometimes find myself wanting to turn off tells to avoid random requests for levels, equipment etc, but to still be able t talk over tells with a friend who isn't in the room to group with. A bit like going reject all, but still accepting specific people

From: Devi Tuesday, November 20 2001, 11:46PM

That's a good idea, I think the imms should look into it if they haven't already :)\

From: Boreas Wednesday, November 28 2001, 12:23AM

...another way to help people cut themselves off from the mud community. I bet it'll be in next update.

From: Rikimaru Wednesday, November 28 2001, 12:35AM

what community, there are the stupid newbies that don't listen well the annoying oldbies who are grouchy as hell, some community that is


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