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Manannan mail

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Posted by Infernal on 11/27

Ok dose anyone else find this items rent, WAY to high for just a 5 stat item, thats not damageable? I mean I look on status, nothing comes up.

There are other 5stat items on body that dont have anywhere neer that rent, even another one thats undamageable too.

If the rent if correct, can I please know why? I mean if it has a resistance or weakness, please let it show up in status. This goes for a lot of other items, plantinum leaf, jewelled saber, etc etc just looking for clarification on why this items rent is so damn high, thanks


From: Chaykin Wednesday, November 21 2001, 10:34PM


<worn on body> Mannanan Mac Lir's coat of twice smelted mail (slightly damaged)

it's damageable, look at me if you don't believe me :)

of course, that only makes its rent value even sillier.


From: Craven Thursday, November 22 2001, 01:30PM

I had one of those for 6 months, never repaired it, it was at minorly damaged.... That was a pkiller too :)

From: Kaige Friday, November 23 2001, 10:55AM

Remember, you pay extra for AC that's above what the builders consider to be the max for the slot. I could up the rent on that object so it's where it's supposed to be.


From: Chaykin Friday, November 23 2001, 11:47PM

Er, the AC isn't THAT great on that item. There are on body items that have +5 net stats and better AC for less rent. Frankly, I still don't see that this item is in line with the rest of the eq on the mud, rent-wise.

From: Infernal Saturday, November 24 2001, 01:18AM

Yes its the highest on body rent item in the game. and yet it dosent give the most AC for that slot and there are a few net 5 stat items, with better ac for WAY less rent.

I still dont get it

From: Adolph Sunday, November 25 2001, 10:17AM

keep in mind, that here on legend, we tend not to pay rent on something because of it's stats.. it's determined more on the material the item is made of. in this case, I'd guess that twice smelted mail would be a high cost item, and therefor rentier.

-Adolph, not Hitler.

From: Dude Sunday, November 25 2001, 07:26PM

or keep in mind that we can post whatever we like on this board - point out an item that is obviously screwed up and get colorfull and insightfull responses like kaige's earlier on the append list

Way to be immortal staff!

From: Cheyla Monday, November 26 2001, 01:50PM

We have rules to follow for how much rent an item should be... Some items will cost more based on those rules. Sometimes, they may appear to cost too much for what they do, and sometimes this is indeed the case, at which point the item often is changed. Our rules are only guidelines for the -minimum- rent an item has to be, it doesn't mean the builder can't make it more expensive for one reason or another.

If Kaige says this item is actually too low on rent for the specs... it could be worse than it is, then!

From: Akai_Hayate Monday, November 26 2001, 07:34PM

You are all overlooking the obvious, I know from experience that this item gives you Protection from Kaige and NO_SLAY, you all whine too much.

From: Archaon Tuesday, November 27 2001, 11:06PM

so if i wear it im INVINCIBLE??

hmm i should get it an solo PD!!



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