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A silly idea on the mud economy

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Posted by Nietzsche on 12/14

how about if each time you die, half of your bank account would be deducted (except for pk deaths i suppose). I don't like the idea myself but i just felt like tossing it out. =b =) =I =(

From: Wes Friday, December 07 2001, 04:37PM

doesn't sound half bad, if there were an incentive as well. No one would go for that idea without an added bonus.

From: Chaykin Friday, December 07 2001, 07:19PM

How is that logical though?

From: Akai_Hayate Sunday, December 09 2001, 03:53AM

Arent you old enough to know chaykin, there is a major difference between logical and legendical.

From: Belshazzar Friday, December 14 2001, 09:29AM

What problem is this trying to solve? If you feel you have too much money, feel free to give it to me.


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