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Simple 12 steps to keep from being warned!

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Posted by Rufus on 12/31

1. Multiplay - Don't connect two characters at once, don't drop link with one and connect another. Losing link to lag and logging on a different character once is an accident, 14 times in a week...

2. Don't swear on public channels - if you have to, get a client where the input field is large enough you can proofread before you hit 'enter'. If there's a cuss word headed to a public channel, don't hit 'enter'

3. Don't interfere in pkill intentionally - you are not pke, two people are fighting, do not heal, hunt one of them for the other, do not hand them a beneficial ore baneful potion, a poultice.

4. Do not share eq between characters - If you find yourself saying 'can you hold this for my alt' stop, destroy the item and save yourself the headache. If you feel like talking to inanimate objects, do this to containers you feel like using to exchange equipment with.

5. If someone asks you to stop swearing at them in tells, apply step 2.

6. If something you read in playboy/playgirl/penthouse/bust magazine sounded really funny, so funny in fact your fingers type it out prefaced by 'chat' - apply step 2.

7. If you know someone's alts - write them down! On a piece of paper with a pen/pencil/blood/whatever in your own house. Keep a close eye on that paper for your personal reference and make sure it doesn't magically appear on boards/notes/chat/tell.

8. If your chat/auction/clan channel communication is something that even more lax members of the ACLU might feel inclined to stone you to death for, again, apply step 2.

9 Game info - Don't spread it around. Don't ruin the fun for folks who like to discover. If necessary, appropriately apply step 2, again =)

10. Clan is a public channel. You may think it's dumb. Your neighbor may think it's dumb. The Shah of some small foreign nation may think it's the worst thing on the planet. It's still public.

11. Illusions are not anonymous. Adjust behavior accordingly.

12. If you type 'warn' and a lot of text comes out, consider reviewing steps 1-11.

It's not that hard folks. Lots of people play here for years without accumulating a single warning. Not everyone's perfect, though. Slip up once, you get a warning (serious offenses aside, of course). Slip up 24 times in a day and you're no longer slipping, you've slipped into a place you don't want to be.

We're all in this to have fun. No one's out to get you, unless you're knowingly out there doing something that you can 'be gotten' for.

My $.02, thanks to the economy, now valued at $.002.


From: Ghimly Thursday, December 13 2001, 10:01PM

Rufus you crack me up

From: Dusk Wednesday, December 26 2001, 06:31PM

hrpmh, what about when nimrod imm's give you warnings you don't deserve so you cuss at them and you end up getting more warnings... when it was their fault for falsely accusing you in the first place!


From: Rufus Monday, December 31 2001, 09:20AM

Quietly take the issue up with higher ups, even so far as kaige. By the time you're getting upset and ACTUALLY cursing, you deserve a warning.

Anyway, next time this happens let me know... I'll yell at the imm who gave you a false warning, then delete you for intentionally violating the language rules.

See, all works out in the end -wink-



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