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money running and mud crashes

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Posted by Sasha on 12/19

It makes sense that we have a rent limit... It makes sense that we cannot carry everything we want without going over that limit. It also makes sense that if you crash while overrent, you lose everything that you're wearing.

The issue I have, is that there's really no alternative to being overrent while money running. Most people need (or at least want) money here, and unless you're a 3c create or cause, you can't have something carry your stuff for you. Even fighters who run with surgeons who are generally wearing low-rent gear can't get the surgeons to carry the stuff cause they're often so weak they can't even carry a leafmail shirt.

I have no idea what the solution is, but it does seem to me that money running is a different kind of risk than wanting to hold onto a piece of equipment because you want to switch your stuff around all the time or because you don't want to give it up.

Perhaps there's a way to pay extra to have a merchant send over a messenger to pick up your stuff... say you kill something, maybe you could page Rhea to send over a little pageboy to get your sword and leafmail shirt and he'll come back with your cash... If the mud crashes, you're only out the cash.

Anyway, just thinking about this because it seems like something that everyone has to do, and there isn't really a gameplay reason to have such a large risk other than the fact that we couldn't think of a way to stop people from abusing it.


From: Mysanthrope Tuesday, December 11 2001, 07:51AM

Wagons !


i reackon that if you where to buy a wargon or a cart the followed you you could place EQ in the wagon and not worry about the rent affecting your charater. Mebbe the wagon is timed ? mebbe yah use cost alot and when you rent you lose them ...

Sill working on the idea ..

but i hear you Sash.. money run is ricking your eq & strings

From: Boreas Tuesday, December 11 2001, 04:44PM

...or maybe a precious lil burro

From: Diarmuid Thursday, December 13 2001, 07:18AM

Hm, maybe if whatever was used to transport the gear that you don't want to be overrent with lags you. Say 2 round lag per room travelled, maybe more. That would quite neatly solve the pk problem of "Whee now that I can transport gear without being overrent I shall cart with me 20 clears 5 filmies, 2 small shields, a polished scale, a dragon eye, a....etc etc"

Sure you can cart it, but it'll kill you. ;)

Meanwhile people who want to make their load of cash, for whatever reason, have a safer way to get it, albeit a little slower.


From: LadyAce Thursday, December 13 2001, 05:20PM

We do have carts to carry items around, but unfortunately there are some issues/bugs/etc. with the code. I think it's being worked on, though.


From: Emrysia Friday, December 14 2001, 10:20PM

Does that mean there are wagons/carts out ther that are actually useable, or are they coded but not implimented?

From: LadyAce Wednesday, December 19 2001, 07:21PM

As far as I know, they are in the game and usable, but not widespread.


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