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Posted by Tritoch on 12/15

Is there any point to this anymore? Aside from maybe cutting down the spam of owned items that have been dropped, on the rare occasions that you see that kinda thang..

I would really like to know why you cant use it on corpses anymore I asked about this like the day after pkok went in, all I got was Look at that shiny object while I make my get away into invis land!

I cant imagine why we cant use this on player corpses anymore... I thought it was nice in pkill for me, a no dex person without steal and also because I can learn someone a lesson without lootin em dry or multin em, not like orange vials are especially hard to get... So if anyone knows the reason like, fill me in or something. in the meantime ill go make up for my lack of transparency by multing someone 867 times so they wont need thier corpse either way -locate jman-

From: Donelan Thursday, December 13 2001, 04:09PM

My characters use it to make equipment invisible, thus drawing more attention to any strings they might be wearing.

Perhaps you can't cast it on player corpses because it puts your opponent at a drastic disadvantage -- maybe the imms considered it to be a bit too drastic?

Perhaps people were casting it on the corpses of players who had fallen to a mob, inconveniencing players who weren't even pkilling?

Whatever the reason, why not complain about a truly useless spell? Say, rainbow bridge, maybe? :)

From: Poetry Friday, December 14 2001, 10:21AM

I think its a just a continuation of the same mindset that brought PKOK upon us. Some people probably whined about it to no end as "harassment", imms got sick of hearing it, and ok, no more.

I guess your only alternative is to multi!.. but wait then you will just get rejected. Well you can bitch em out on chat I guess.. wait, you will just get warned and channel gagged. Hm..

Excuse me sir, would you like to duel?

From: Fraegis Friday, December 14 2001, 01:43PM

You could be right, Poetry. Or maybe someone over-used it, abused it, or harassed with it?

I guess your only alternative is to multi!..but wait then you will just get rejected. Well you can bitch em out on chat I guess..wait, you will just get warned and channel gagged. Hm..

Who knows, you might have to make friends here who trust that you are not only here to have fun, but also to attempt to make their stay here fun? Perhaps even treat others with kindness, not whining on channels not multiing, not being rude, not start name-calling, and not abuse every single rule to your own advantage?

(and no, not directed at Poetry, actually, just meant generally).


From: Tritoch Saturday, December 15 2001, 02:19PM

Very touching Fraegis, yes let us all link hands and dance a merry little jig...but as I said in my first post, I want something I can use on someone who I am less than friends with, and if I am looking for ways to punish them for something like that, I doubt we could be friends, at least not right then...so just assuming that smoking up and joining hands is out, transparency would be in, except...transpie isnt in, so the only thing left is steal and multi.

Also I see alot of mortals talking about what might have happened But I dont see alot of Imms talking about what actually did happen

-cough cough hint hint-

Maybe if I loot some coven members ill get an answer...


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