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Posted by Tritoch on 12/17

Two things that would make glance cooler, if you just saw the persons condition not thier fulldesc...if I wanna see that ill just you look.. and, if it didnt echo to the person that you glanced at them, whats the point of glancing at them to see if someone is low before you jump them if they catch wind and run? just makes ya wanna stun first and ask questions later...

From: Nobyar Sunday, December 16 2001, 09:45PM

yeah not letting somone see you glanced at them is much cooler. change that. Good Idea Tritoch

From: Tirzah Sunday, December 16 2001, 09:50PM

I use glance when I want to see someone's desc without seeing all their multi-colored strings or having to scroll back past their eq. So if glance is changed, can we have some command where we can look at someone's desc without seeing their eq?


From: Donelan Monday, December 17 2001, 06:53AM

My suggestions:

1. Use glance to see condition.
2. Use look to see condition and desc.
3. Use examine to see condition, desc and eq (you're taking the time to note every single piece of eq they're wearing -- that sounds like an examination to me).

From: Donelan Monday, December 17 2001, 08:03PM

Oh, I also suggest that peek only work when you examine someone. Glance never echoes to the target, look echos with high enough perception and examine always echoes.

Certainly you can determine if someone is near death or healthy out of the corner of your eye. Glance shouldn't echo to make it useful in pk -- and it's plausible as well.

From: Chaykin Monday, December 17 2001, 09:06PM

I agree that glance shouldn't echo to the target. Maybe somebody with high perc ought to be able to see when people glance at him/her, but otherwise, it would be really nice in pkill to have a way to see somebody's condition without their knowing...especially the good guys who want the element of surprise but balk at attacking someone who's hurt!



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