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The minority/majority/pk?

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Posted by Ming on 01/15

Well, ya know, it seems that a lot of people feel that us pkillers are the minority. Well I would admit that the majority of characters logged in at any time are no accept all. However, if you look at the characters in the Hall of Legends or whatever its called now, hmmm, they are almost all pkillers. What does this tell you? Augustus, Merc, Lori, Limerick, Morphine - I mean you are talking about not just pkillers but epic pkillers. If the game is deemed un-balanced (big if) then it should change. If you cannot see that, then you are being selfish. I know that not all stat configurations can be balanced, but the major types can (and should be). This is a social game, a role-playing game and a competitve (pk) game. If you remove the pk or gimp it in such a way that its not fun then the pkillers are going to leave. Maybe some of you want this? I don't know. I think if all the pkillers left, and deleted all their non-pk, rp-based characters that the game would suffer. Look at what A. Kosminski said, he talked about a change to healing while your pk timer is active. How does this affect you if you do not ever pk? I just don't get it. Ming the Merciless

From: Cumference Wednesday, January 10 2001, 06:31PM aggre'd

From: Zaba Wednesday, January 10 2001, 07:19PM what cumference said

From: Vampyr Wednesday, January 10 2001, 08:31PM pkillers rule the mud! -=duck=- well almost :P

From: Blackthorne Wednesday, January 10 2001, 09:10PM Thats kinda funny. Maybe I dont have your type of mentality but there is no way in hell i would ever try to convince myself or try to convince others by making a comparison to Mercenary, Lori, Morphine, or any other of the "epic pkillers" I think a majority of them were from a different pkill system and it was back in the day when pkill and rp went hand in hand. But then again Im not that great of a pkiller so maybe its just my silly view ^_^

From: Vampyr Wednesday, January 10 2001, 09:30PM hahahaha a pkiller rp'ing?!?! Mercenary rpi'ing? morphine rp'ing? i don't know lori... but i'm pretty sure neither of the above mentioned rp'd with their pk :P

From: Ren Wednesday, January 10 2001, 09:50PM It's apparent you knew nothing of Mercenary if you think he didn't rp. His rp was constant, and never broke until his death.

From: LadyAce Wednesday, January 10 2001, 11:35PM I wouldn't necessarily characterize -all- of the 'famous' people from the old days as pk'ers. A lot of the ones who didn't do HOL became imms, for one thing :). Also, I think players who are around enough to develop characters are the sort who become famous, and they're also the sort who tend to try every feature of the game. And just because they were pk'ers, doesn't mean they were pk'ers like -you- :P -LA

From: Bruson Thursday, January 11 2001, 05:05AM Just about all of those people had very specific RP, Vampyr. You should take lessons from them. Bruson et al.

From: Ming Thursday, January 11 2001, 02:32PM the point of my post was to get people to think about stuff from another perspective. Cap Vand put up a post saying that balancing the fight system for pkillers was going to 'hurt' his character. well, in and of itself that is kinda selfish, but apparently he was not the only one thinking it. thats fine, like i said on chat, lets just change the old gear of chars that are pk-enabled, let him keep his gear, let people de-enable right before the p-files are changed, and make it so the old gear becomes NO_DROP, NO_GIVE. and, if at a later point you decide to pk-enable your char gets run through a script to adjust your old gear. i could care less if someone has 999 damroll and 999 hitroll and 2000 hp if they are not pkilling. i say great they can be the tank hahah! but as soon as we are going to fight each other it must be, it in fact has to be on a level playing field. Ming the Merciless

From: Israfel Monday, January 15 2001, 07:29AM I haven't been an active pkiller in a while, so I won't touch that topic. I agree with Angharad that in mobkill, at least, experience and knowing your capabilities is one of the most important things to being a class A munchkin. I DT'd all my old gear a while back, I don't miss it much, and I can still do all the same things my old-gear setup could. I am NOT a majorly scary character -type-, but I do play what I am quite well. As for the characters that can solo SL/PD whatever. Heh. People get kicks in different ways, Poetry. Hold the punches a moment and consider, to me, pk could be tic-tac-toe with a computer, and figuring out how a character with a certain combination of skills could solo SL (I did actually get bored enough to do that) could be just my cup of tea. I've ditched old gear in favour of new on a few of my alts (mostly pk) and made quite a few more with all new gear across a range of char-types. (Many of these low dex) Yes, they still work. But for me at least, many of them are not as -fun-. On the other hand, I'm one of those people who get their kicks from seeing 6 consecutive damcaps, yes, even I can get a sense that that's overpowered, but I like it anyway. I suppose what I'm saying is that though I wouldn't object to the sources of in-game healing being reduced, I dislike the idea of ALL healing being reduced. I see a lot of extremely boring sleep-to-heal if that happens. And sleep-to-heal is one of the reasons I could never bring myself to make a pure fighter or sniper type. It isn't just the lack of options. It's the sheer boredom involved in healing. I'm also not sure I like the hit/dam/hp changes, but then, that could and probably -is- just the near uncontrollable munchkin side of my personality speaking, so... Israfel

From: Israfel Monday, January 15 2001, 07:39AM Of course after all these years I haven't learnt to type. This append is to the previous 'vocal minority' post.


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