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Posted by Poetry on 01/22

I dont know about you guys, but I like the system the way it was. I used to be a spam poulticer that spammed 80 spr for 100 hps poultices and also backstabbed for 75 points of damage and shot blinding arrows and scattered and made doppels too. I was able to kill anything. Now I cant do that anymore, thanks to that vocal minorty that are screamin for pkill balance. I hate those MFs. Ruining the game for people like me that have 400,000,000 xp, a big house that cost 29,000 a day to maintain, a nifty pretitle. My life sucks in RL, but here I am a millionaire! Im all nasty in RL, but here Im sexy, and I could do anything! Please dont change my world! What am I going to do? I spent 27 days of non-stop mob killing to get my "All Knowing Poetry" title.... if you change damage eq, it will take me 43 days. Please dont do that -Whine-. Who cares if it makes sense, or ,makes it more challenging.... this game is a replacement for life! I need it to keep me alive. Can you please reverse all the so-called "progress" we made in the name of pkill so I could have even a bigger house. Could you make the repop times for mobs with lots of money faster too? I only need to mud for 18 more days straight to get that last color coupon so I could trade it for the rare Flagg Doll from last year... [Chat] Poetry: Do any healers want to run? or do PD again?

From: Dusk Thursday, January 11 2001, 12:06PM Amen.

From: Ming Thursday, January 11 2001, 02:38PM Heh, quite funny actually. You have such a shart wit, Poetry!

From: Ganymede Thursday, January 11 2001, 02:43PM Yeah! Who cares if all the old eq was way overbalancing and let us solo mobs 10 times our size, and earn xp like there was no tomorrow! As long as we don't use it to pk, right? -snicker- Ganymede et al.

From: Blackthorne Thursday, January 11 2001, 04:45PM -comf Poetry- Sarcasm doesnt become you

From: Vampyr Thursday, January 11 2001, 07:04PM right on sista! : :PPPP

From: Wyvern Thursday, January 11 2001, 10:14PM -$&%-#$&5 dunno how the hellz u come up with these smart posts g00d arguemnts and crap u must be s00per smart =P

From: Angharad Friday, January 12 2001, 05:17AM I think you missed the point of my post, perhaps I got a little carried away. My bad, I guess. At no point did I ask for the return of any of the things that have now gone. I was trying to illustrate how those of us who choose not to pkill have had several major changes over the past year or so to accommodate your style of play (pkill). And now you were asking for another major change, to healing. It seems to me that people come here for many different things, we each get something different out of being here. We are all forced to accommodate the changes made in response to those for whom balance is important, ie pkillers. Of course you have the right to ask for changes that would increase your enjoyment here. By the same token, I have the right to ask that those same changes NOT be made, because they would decrease my enjoyment. Angharad

From: Chaykin Friday, January 12 2001, 05:58AM Angharad, I really don't think the change to hp gear, or a lot of others, have been made just to accomodate pkill. Someone with 50 or 60 con shouldn't be able to wear a bunch of +hp eq and get 500-600 hp, whether they're a pkiller or not. It makes no sense. I really don't see where that issue is specific to pkillers. I'm sure it's a great deal of fun for you to solo almost any mob in the game when you have tons of hp you shouldn't have, but just because you're not killing another player doesn't mean you aren't overpowered. And no, I don't even know if you used to wear lots of +hp items, I'm just using +hp as an example of a change that makes sense for everyone and not just those who pk. Chaykin etc.

From: Poetry Friday, January 12 2001, 09:09AM Damn straight Im smart. But seriously, if you think vocal minoritys like me rule this place then you are wrong. If I ruled this place I would not allow cheese like pkok to come in and ruin the game. You guys can argue against this all you want, but thats how I feel about it. I was a very active pkiller that almost completely lost interest. You guys are still getting your pretitles and still mindlessly killing mob all day and building bigger houses. I can't understand why you opppose changes that would make the game better for me and the likes. You guys have everything.. and everything I like about this game has been serverely compromised. So really, you all just piss me off when I suggest a change that I put a lot of thought it... fought many fights, lost many fights (cause some god damn part time pkiller decided to load up on the BS healing items in this game and then challenge Poetry, stroking all 3 stones - back when it was possible - using corentinus, alll the god damn healers in the south seas, and chalicing and picking up herbs on the way), and this is my input. Its real and it concerns my aspect of the game. Im not post about removing pretitles or housing (which sucks for pkill, IMO) so back the hell off. And stop complain that you wont be able to amass xp as quickly. Trust me, there are better things to do with your time than collect immortal dolls, or redeem points. Ok, you guys are acheivers, I can deal with your existance as long as you can deal with mine. When Merc and Limerick were the pkill gods, and Mordred was chasing my newbie ass around, things were more balanced than they are now. More limited, yes, but a lot more fun too. I would drop all the changes we did to go back to the LegendMUD that drew me in 5 years ago.

From: Barsarbe Friday, January 12 2001, 03:10PM Seriously, I can't remember one non-pkiller, non-imm who suggested any of the changes Angharad mentioned in the earlier thread. I can remember seeing pkillers argue vehemently for those changes to be made. That makes it look like those changes were made in response to the pkill community. Pretitles and housing, while pretty, don't affect the way my chars play the game. Changes to healing do, as do all the other changes mentioned, to eq, pfiles, grad stats, etc. I don't see how pretitles affect the way anyone plays. Housing, yeah, I can see one change that affected pkillers, that pkillers may not have wanted. The other change that affected pkillers, pkok, that was imm initiated, and didn't come from non-pkillers. See, non-pkillers have had to accept lots of changes that affect them that were requested by pkillers. Pkillers have only had to accept one change that affects them that may have been asked for by non-pkillers (housing). From where I stand, the giving up for the sake of another's style of play is very one-sided. So don't slam people who oppose your ideas that will improve your style of play while downgrading theirs. Consider that they feel they have given up more for your style of play than you have given up for theirs. And consider that they believe that their style of play has just as much validity as yours. Barsarbe

From: Darkheart Monday, January 22 2001, 10:27AM why do i get this feeling that the description has fit me at one point or the other...? Dh


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