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Posted by Tobias on 01/17

A bit of thanks to the imms... The new feature that DT's no longer kill strings (they are reimbursed) is an amazing gift to the playerbase. I have always viewed DT's as a mechanism by which the mud causes a conflict...and keeps us from being bored. There was one major problem with them, however, up until now: While EQ is (usually) easily to replace, strings are not. Many people will only get a few strings their entire time playing, and losing all of their collection to a DT can cause players to snap. I'd like to thank the imms for this feature, because it makes the mud a more enjoyable place , as one of the biggest fears of players - DT's - is now no longer a catastrophe, but a conflict that can bring many players closer together -Tobias

From: Dun Friday, January 12 2001, 06:26PM Someone like alvis would still get screwed by the dt-string thing :P no jinx intended :P

From: Cerberus Friday, January 12 2001, 11:05PM -cackle- -wonders what the point of DT's in the game are?- Was told they were in the game ONLY to remove old eq from the game. Any imms want to step up and clarify what purpose they serve? -cackle-

From: LadyAce Friday, January 12 2001, 11:45PM I don't think I've ever heard that they're just to remove old eq... I spose that's a useful side effect sometimes, but they do far too much imho for that alone to justify them. I'd say that they serve a few major purposes: - to give serious consequence to not watching where you're going - to provide a different kind of "disaster" other than simple death - to add an extra level of realism, since not all deaths in history/myth are due to being attacked/attacking another person/being/creature -LA

From: Stella Saturday, January 13 2001, 07:43AM The purpose of DT's make sense, but there are some weird islands in ancient times where they sorta fulfill another purpose. When the 'help dt' states that they are in ALL CAPITAL, and so and so, couldn't the ones that you have to enter to leave an area be removed or altered in order not to register as DT's? This confuses newbies, and in special instances it could lead them to enter real dt's since they have seen the exits with capital names are exits. Croakers rooms ruins the idea and purpose of dt's, and only confuse new players.

From: Israfel Monday, January 15 2001, 07:48AM I like the DT string change. More of a reason to get coupons now instead of silly pretitles. Though coupons are actually equally silly!

From: Zeppelin Monday, January 15 2001, 10:13PM yes, i like this new feature - i have always thought 'coupons', especially those for 'ooc' type games should not be lost in DTs. -Zep

From: Testboy Wednesday, January 17 2001, 10:05AM I prefer eq to strings, can i have my strings eaten but my eq left intact?


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