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Posted by Lancelot on 01/17

Ok ive been here for a long while, and see this mud get downgraded, and downgraded, and downgraded all the way down to what we got now. People say pkill is well it is, when I first came here people were having at each other and pkill wars were all over the place. Now you lucky to even get a dual. As for that Hp/hit/dam/mana gear changes, people say they were needed, but most of the equ was in this game for years, now all of a sudden its overpowered? I got that they were talking about changing the gear for a long time, but just before hp gear changes we get a 5dex 20mana item, funny no? I lost my intrest here cause in pkill you fight 3 chara types Mage, Sniper, pure fighter. Same charas from years ago still around today. When spam gear was removed we lost diversity, now with gear gone we lose even more. I also remembered people saying fights dont last long enough, well hey look at my 350hps now, whats that 3backstabs, or 3 dam spells, one para one wfw, hmmm how fun is that? I guess the solution we will get is tone all damage down etc etc. more boring Well How do I feel we solve these problems? dunno but I got a idea Well its my good friends idea and I think it will work. First off put all old equ back in. not all the way back to old midnights a and such, but old hernes etc etc. Mainly because with all old people having old equ and new people not having old gear, might be a problem. Second and probably most important, get rid of ALL sticking stuns. No para backstab, no stagger headbutts, wfw down to 2 rounds no special, or get rid of it completly. perhaps para warcry will just be one round st stun, but all that luck based stun crap gone. 3rd bring xp loss from pkill down a whole lot since it seems to be the main reason why people dont pkill, I dont know why this is but from feedback I get this is what it is. 4th take away some evasion skills from dex like tumble or dodge, or restrict the skills to hometowns. or something to help rid of the dex mud we are in. lets face it a mage or a healing sniper that can tumble dodge etc and dish out a nasty backstab is why its such a powerfull chara type. Tumble is the skill thats the killer, It lets the sniper evade 50-60% of the headbutts etc etc. Well thats the way it seems to work on me. Not only dose it stop my attac it give me lag while they run away to backstab me again. It takes away stun, bash , headbutt best skills that all other chara types use. any this post getting long, but please think about the first 2 ideas to make this mud back to the way it was, and when skill trees come in I hope to see a wide range of skills, so we can have more than just three dominant charas in pkill.

From: Fuego Monday, January 15 2001, 12:29PM I dont know about your solutions ever happening, considering how narrow minded this mud has proved we can be. "if its not a success then its no big deal taking it out" hah! have we ever had something like that taken back out? anyways... thats not my point, my point is that you identified the problems very clearly, now if only we could find some negotiable way to fix em

From: Sandra Monday, January 15 2001, 01:12PM In reading this post, I find myself wondering the following question: Has Lancelot actually read -any- of my posts about hp/ma/mv gear? The answer seems to me to be no. If those posts were read, it would show that 1) gear isn't 'going' anywhere. It's being altered, yes. But it's not being removed. 2) that there will be a code change going in 2 weeks before the gear in pfiles is changed. What does that mean? Well, it means that you may gain hp, or you may not. Wait for it to happen before you judge whether or not the changes made are right or wrong. Side note: There was not a new 5dex 20mana item put in the game recently. I can't possibly see how putting old hit/dam eq back into the game will make fights last longer. Lets see: Oh, I have 71 dam, and 45 hit so I damcap every other round for 70hp on a mage that's got 400. Yea, long fight. -peer- I can understand the ease in thinking of your character in how changes affect it. However, I haven't got that ability. I have to think of every character type, and how things affect them, may affect them, will affect them a year from now, and so on. Xp loss in pkill: There is a post on the news board(post 30), questioning the xp loss in pkill. 14 appends to that post, and 13 of them state that xp loss is not the problem. Having pkilled here for the past 5+ years, I would have to agree with those people. Even at level 50, 325k xp is at most, 6 mobs. I can't see that hindering anyone, unless of course, they wait until they're down to 10 mil total xp and worrying about perma. Anyway, that's about all I've got to comment on. -Sandra

From: Lancelot Monday, January 15 2001, 04:14PM god sandra, 71damroll is not even possible, ohhh wait your a imm so 50hit 50dam is max and I have a friend that has 50hit 50dam he cant heal and has crap hps, hes to have in a PD SL or something like that. Say in pkill dont think he would last too well. Loris neck item came in just before you changed the gear. I said 5dex 20mana I ment 5mind 20mana, but I still would assume you would figure that out :P As for post 30 I read that after I made this, but I was like conspiracy and thought thats what people were not pkilling for.

From: Boo Tuesday, January 16 2001, 02:42AM Pkill? only people i have seen pkilling a lot recently are Aquilante, fuego, blackthorne, akai, Archmage and a few others Why is that? I also know a lot of pkillers leaving this mud for another. Why is that? People go accept all, die from a jump, then whine about it. Why is that?

From: Gondar Tuesday, January 16 2001, 02:47AM In reponse to Boo's append: Pkill: The general maturity level of pk has declined (IMO) Leaving the mud: Basically the same as above (again, IMO) AA, jump, whine, etc: I can't answer for others on this, but personally, I find jumps to be right on the top of the list of things cowardly Like someone is sooo afraid that they'll get beaten like a purple-headed stepchild if they go face up. Flame me all you like, as far as I'm concerned that just proves my points Respond in a reasonable manner, and I may see room to alter my outlook on the matter. -G-

From: Dusk Tuesday, January 16 2001, 03:29PM This mud sucks now... thats the bottom line. I used to love this mud, I loved pissing people off, I loved being multied, I loved the wars, the terror of running from a wolfpack. You 'rp type people can't appreciate those things. But i never cared about you, and you could give a rats ass about me. As far as I am concerned... This mud is beyond saving. Of course i know, myself, Beam, Splat, and ab unlock e open e e close w lock w 7-8 other 'hard-core' pkillers have began playing another mud. This mud is beyond saving, the imms should save themselves a LOT of grief. and just the HAMMER THAN FINAL NAIL IN! Just make this is another crappy ass rp mud. Its 99% that anyway.

From: Chaykin Tuesday, January 16 2001, 03:58PM As to the maturity level of Legend and how it has gone downhill, it's really simple. Back when Legend started, who had access to the internet? College students, adult professionals and nerdy comp sci folks. Since then every 12-year-old has gotten AOL. It's the same thing that's happened everywhere on the internet: it's gotten younger and dumber. :P But these people are not going away, and why should they? If you have access to Legend you should be able to play right alongside everyone else and if you can play within Legend's rules, you have a right to be here. A lot of these kids are the reason no one wants to pk anymore: they act like kids fighting behind the school building after class. I'm pretty sure they are the reason the imms put pkok in: so that if you don't want to pk with these kids, you don't have to. Find a group of your friends you know won't multi/loot/trashtalk/whatever each other, and accept each other. It can be a lot of fun and a good diversion from boring mobkill and you can pk the way you want to: make it extensively grounded in RP, or whatever you want. And once you've done it for a little bit, you might just find that you are willing to try your skills against everyone, not just your elitist friends. If you want to be a snob and never try pkill, that's your business, but if you do, you can hardly blame pkillers for being snobs to you too. I think we'd all be a lot better off by being a little more open-minded. Chay and his many alteregos

From: Mornelithe Tuesday, January 16 2001, 09:39PM What mud are you all playing now?

From: Archmage Wednesday, January 17 2001, 01:25AM AOW act of war

From: Akai_Hayate Wednesday, January 17 2001, 01:55PM that post about xp not being the reason people pkill is crap about a month ago, i read another one, with about 8 appends, 2 were attitude, 1 was im a wuss, and 5 were xp, non-pkillers dont know why they dont do it, they just dont! and i agree with dusk, my attitude towards you rp types, is the same attitude i got when i first started, but then i guess im the bad guy for giving back what i got, oh well. and tho chaykin makes alot of good points, i cant stand people discriminat against children :P most of the pkillers here are in colledge, or highscho i acually dunno of any 12 year old players, or anyone under 15, pkill or otherwise. and one more thing, although i think im bailing soon for aow to too, i sure hate that crappy type of stock mud with its terrible fight system, and stupid areas, and (speaking from experience with other crap mu muds like that, dunno bout aow yet :P) strategyless pkill so ill be back here sometimes to bug dashiva, and jump pd/sl, lemme know when you get pkill fixed here, assuming you want me back :P which im sure you really dont. and as long as i am ranting real quick, when pkok came in, you said if its not cool, we will yank it (not a quote of course) well, i suppose non-pkillers are getting pkokenabled more, and fighting friends whatnot so i suppose thats a success, but the pkillers, which to my understanding have always been the minority, generally dont like that stupid pkok so, yeah its been a success, but you guys bent us over a counter-top and had your way with all of us! the only thing i can hope for now, is tha that the pkillers here, are given an opportunity to rape rp'ers, like say we get to implement a code that removes emotes socials moods descs, and th say command, and then say, since spammy things like cough our 100 snores i a row, dont happen anymore, its a big success! banzai! and as i wrap this up, ill just say it seems like to me, the imms keep pkok cause of how much work went into it, which i respect, but that is honestly the stupidest reason to not change something, that is humanly possible Akai_Somethingorother, whos behind still hurts from the pkok reaming


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