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Posted by Archmage on 01/19

This is the scenerio...i'm not whining mind you..just informing. Because its just so silly...you can take it as whining if you must, but i don't whine. At any rate...here's what happened. Pkill - Me vs. 400 hp sniper. For those of you who don't know, i'm a strength mage. I go to my target, stun him, and get a wfw. I'm happy until I have rounds of obliterate, slash, slash hard. Then I bash him. I get a demolish, and slash. He flees and paras me for all my 387 hp. Well he left me alive with 9 hp cause he's cool. I then cure crit a coupl order followers times. Stun him again and get another wfw. I decimate an demolish, slash hard, slash extremely hard. He flees, comes back into the room. I stun him again for another wfw. I land obliterate massacre, and slash i think. He then killed me. pretty much without healing. 3 wfws and a bash and i die twice, he dies none. It was pretty funny. But i guess strength is designed to hit the weakest, have no quirks besides bash, holding heavy stuff, and the all powerful elbow. Oh and I forgot the gauche....yeah...str fighters hit weak as hell already i think the gauche will give the person immunity. yeah yeah hold different weapon....smirk....i have old SSS and hitting that weak. if i held another weapon, heh, barely slashes on wfws? That last statement was a bit sarcastic and exageratted, but you get the idea. Archmage Archmage

From: Cerberus Friday, January 19 2001, 12:08PM -cackle- -understands your sarcasm given the circumstances- What if initial damage for elbow AND bash were upped? -cackle- Elbow being a str skill should do more damage than kick IMHO. Rather see elbow lose disorientate and gain damage than anything. Disorientate is a nice idea, but its too unpredictable to use a lot. Maybe disorientate should be left, and elbow gets more damage too. -shrug- Just throwing around suggestions. Cerberus

From: Cumference Friday, January 19 2001, 12:42PM nah i don't think elbow should add dmg. but of course, the str fighter needs to be fixed and not do the crappiest dmg =P and i think elbow rate of disorienting should increase a couple percent everytime u do it, so the more times u do it unseccesfully, the more chance it has to disor the next time

From: LadyAce Friday, January 19 2001, 06:35PM We're working on changing hp/ma/mv, take a look at how things are after we get the changes in, let us know whether we've helped the problems you're seeing. -LA

From: Cerberus Friday, January 19 2001, 06:51PM -still can't figure out how hp/ma/mv is suppose to effect str fighters other than maybe giving them more or less hp/ma/mv-

From: Akai_Hayate Friday, January 19 2001, 07:16PM dont get me wrong, hpmanamove gots ta be changed, but i aint one of those dumb snipers with tons of hp in gear:P i think, ill count later but i think i'd have like 390 normal, and i got 438 now (:no guache on me) so the problem is me being a fuego sniper, its str being crap :P i dont know how or why, but im going to cry, fix fix fix str since i got one sniper, one str mage, and one con str guy, and another chant vina vant dyn ex i can use, if i want to win heh, my str mage got two wfws on ruby, exe's axe, barkskin on booby full agg, raging, and of course, hes stunned, i oblit and slash, and crap and then after two monster wfws, i lose :P that shouldnt happen! but also, after being under 3 wfws by archmage, and 3 by malia, i think despite my abundance of mages, esp str mages, wfw should be cut some (for anyone who's used one, str mages die if they dont wfw, uh pretty much and dont even mention headbutting a str mage..) bah, thats all. Akai_somethingorother, happy someone called him cool :P

From: Cerberus Friday, January 19 2001, 07:45PM -cackle- how do you slash with a chop weapon?


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