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Choke chokes?

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Posted by Cerberus on 01/21

-cackle- Been experimenting with choke for a day now. -cackle- -has nearly died a lot because of it- -cackle- Choke seems to not choke very well. -cackle- Maybe I am fighting mobs that resist it. Dunno. But against laibon (2 times)/mugger (2 times)/elands (lotsa times) just using choke to fight, I've got 1 KO today. Thats a whole buncha fight rounds! -cackle- I have been flipped on my back 3 times. -ponder- I have only 90 dex, which could be part of the problem. Nobody seems to use choke anymore. Choke and warcry should be comparible skills I think. -cackle- No doubt which is better and more used. -ponder- Maybe choke could disorientate or do more damage. Something. Or just work more often. -cackle- -wants to hear others thoughts on choke- Cerberus -- doesn't get this choked often -cackle-

From: Blackthorne Friday, January 19 2001, 08:04PM Choke is a skill that I neither use in pkill or mobkill. I might consider using it if maybe there were some interesting changes put in. Lets look at what choke is suppose to do in reality. I'm thinking that it knocks you out by cutting off blood and oxygen to your brain right? So why not make choke better by adding a few things. In addition to it having a minimal chance of choking, how about adding a chance that the target cannot chant for a few rounds? Elbow sort of does this now, but it does it poorly. Well anyway, its just an idea to make a skill that noone uses usable, for pkillers anyway. Blackthorne

From: Sandra Friday, January 19 2001, 08:38PM With my dex chars, choke is the -main- skill I use in mobkill. Ask anyone that's seen me mobkill. I agree that it isn't so great in pk, but for mobkill, I love it.

From: Cerberus Friday, January 19 2001, 11:01PM -cackle- -can't see how using choke could work better than kick from his experiences- I've really given it a good chance. Is not having 100dex hurting my chances that much? -cackle- I would love to have it as an option but it doesn't seem like one right now.

From: Habeeb Saturday, January 20 2001, 12:14AM i've never really posted but this one has my intrest i've got a 100str 100dex 80con alt that paras for more,and longer with warcry then choke, shouldn't they have the same chances anyway my small piece is if you can warcry use it =P

From: Testboy Saturday, January 20 2001, 12:39AM I can't read your post amongst all them cackles.

From: McDonald Saturday, January 20 2001, 09:09AM Guess choke is ok, when your fighting something that has no chance in hell of killing you. With chance to fall and all. Guess the main point is though, does dex really need any help? If warcry is working well, why would you use something that has a chance to make you fall. Warcry is one of the coolest things about this mud anyway, imo.

From: Cerberus Saturday, January 20 2001, 01:01PM -cackle- -cackle- -cackle- (just for testboy) Dex doesn't need help right now. -cackle- I'm pondering going with a low con warcry instead of choke. Cerberus

From: Love Sunday, January 21 2001, 02:38AM Choke is okay if you're NOT killing something with no chance in hell of killing you, but only if you hit like a mini sainglend, the mob doesn't do 4 attacks all above decimate in 1 round, and you have healing in a bag (pat dert). Of course, choke is also okay if you have no other choice. ;) When it comes to stunning attacks tho, I love warcry best. It's neat! And er, some of my alts use choke a lot and a lot and a lot. But that's the mini sainglend and dert together thing so is not a good example prolly as well as her being all old eq str/dex. Lovelovelovelovelove!


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