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Posted by Christopher on 02/07

Personally.. I think this is a really pansified way to kill and honestly it makes very little sense. Fleeing = panic running away Fleeing != tactfully retreating, drawing your opponent into your next atta I do hope that when skill trees come in.. fleeing will draw a larger lag and perhaps another skill added like a retreat option and it would be nice if you could stop fighting especially if your opponent is incapacitated I don't really see a reason why, after you stun your opponent you have to flee into the next room to stop fighting. Especially to perfo perform an additional backstab. Oh yeah.. and how come you can't headbutt someone when they're stunned? granted it will probably do more damage to you than them but I think you should be able to do it. I think headbutting should do a little damage to you when successful.. I mean.. you are hitting your head against something rather hard.. someone elses head/helmet is headgear figured into headbutt damage/stunning? I would think if you bareheaded someone in a helmet it would do alot more damage to you than them.. Just thinkin aloud.. I don't play much anyway so like.. nothing that changes will affect me much Love y'all Me

From: Yvonne Sunday, February 04 2001, 11:25AM Why would you want to headbutt a stunned person?

From: Tritoch Sunday, February 04 2001, 03:45PM you cant headbutt a stunned person, cause alot of you non-fleeing people just spam bash or headbutt, so its a nice little treat for you guys, be happy, rejoice! what if you headbutt then headbutted again, fell on your ass and didnt do as much damage, they wake up and kill you, cause you were both at dying and besides headbutt is for stunning, not damage, if it even does any so yeah, what yvonne said :p Tritoch, Thinks some people are very strange.

From: McDonald Tuesday, February 06 2001, 01:23AM This post hard to follow, but I gather you want flee downgraded and an upgraded skill being added. Well I think flee is the mininmum that anyone should get. Don't add lag to it. Make retreat be like add ability to put direction on flees maybe. Flee east, etc. Actually there is the ability to stop the fight instantly on stunned oponent without incurring any lag. The rent on using it gives me the impression that someone decided it was too powerful an ability for anyone to have without incurring the rent cost. :) It could be coded so that you don't hit stunned people also. Would be an interesting knight roleplay deal. And it could be made so that you get stunned at 0 hp if you don't already here hrm. This way you could duel and not incur xp loss, if both had the flag on. Don't let anyone tell you it can't be done, because it has been done.

From: Bruson Tuesday, February 06 2001, 03:09PM Re McDonald: You do get auto-stunned at 0 hp on Legend. Bruson

From: Jamie Tuesday, February 06 2001, 11:13PM I was confused at first too, but I believe what McDonald meant was that if combined with the rest of his suggestion about fights stopping when your opponent was stunned, the fight would stop when somebody hit 0 hps. That way, characters, such as the Knights, would have the option of pkilling their victim or not, depending on their RP. Correct me if I'm wrong.

From: McDonald Wednesday, February 07 2001, 09:25PM You are correct Jamie.

From: McDonald Wednesday, February 07 2001, 09:26PM Actually I have seen it implemented where whenever your victim becomes stunned. You would stop fighting. Allowing you to prep them with spells or run.


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