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Posted by Bruson on 02/09

I think this really ought to be a newbie skill, since the chars most likely to need it the most are newbies. They're the ones who don't know much about weapons, who most need the ability to compare and contrast different ones they come across to find the best one for them. Yet the stat requirements for it are such that even a lot of oldbies can't learn it. Can we please get the requirements lowered so that lowbies can enjoy the obvious benefit to them that this skill provides? Bruson

From: Ruby Wednesday, February 07 2001, 04:03AM I agree with you Bruson. But I also don't think most newbie's could swing the stats for it untill a bit higher level. -shrug- Ruby

From: Cyrnon Wednesday, February 07 2001, 01:09PM Newbie as in new player or new character? I don't see it helping either class too much. The former may not know it exists (unless you want to remove all stat requirements?) and the other probably knows what weapons are best. I would like to see it changed though. Another suggestion that some will dislike. ;) Armslore by itself should just describe how much damage a weapon will do ie: minuscule, moderate, or massive. Also it should let you compare two weapons to determine which does more damage. The only exceptions are guns and bows. By itself, armslore shouldn't give any info on them. However, if you have armslore and weapon skills, then you should get the info that you do now , but only for each type of weapon for which you have a proficiency. For example, basic swordsmanship plus armslore would give you detailed information on the various swords, but only general information on clubs, staves and daggers. Also, if you have bow or gun skills with armslore it should give the info it does now and tell you what kind of ammuntion the weapon uses. In addition, if a weapon has a spell on it and you have an as yet non-existant magic lore skill to use with armslore, then you should get some information on the spell that is cast. There are some weapons that don't work with weapon proficiencies so you won't know much about them. Oh well. This would work like forge and repair do now. Individually they have value, but combined they allow more functionality. Cyrnon

From: Sasha Thursday, February 08 2001, 12:56AM IMHO, armslore should tell you the quality of the weapon, maxdam and weight. period. The spell identify object should tell if the weapon has specials and/or anything else. Sasha

From: Bruson Thursday, February 08 2001, 11:56AM You don't see how being able to tell which weapons are better would help newbies out? As it is, if you're a newbie, you have no idea of the difference between, say, a machete and a fork-tongued sword, aside from rent, which doesn't tell you much. With armslore, a newbie could compare weapons and gain a better appreciation for exactly what weight and dam and quality mean in the scheme of choosing a weapon. Newbies are the ones who need most to be able to compare weapons, and as it stands, they just can't do that very well. So I say drop the stats on armslore to something where a newbie can easily pick it up. Bruson

From: Cyrnon Thursday, February 08 2001, 04:25PM I think you misunderstood what I said. I'm sure knowing what kind of damage weapons do will help newbies. I don't see how changing armslore is going to affect that. Unless, as I asked, you wanted to remove the stat requirements? Cyrnon

From: Ming Friday, February 09 2001, 12:47PM why not make it a command like 'dip' that anyone can have/use?

From: Cyrnon Friday, February 09 2001, 11:30PM Same reason you have to learn how to kick or use bandages. Cyrnon


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